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In his blog debut, +Dave Perry wants business owners and #marketers  to KISS - keep it simple stupid!

From website content to mirrored sites and backlinks, this post addresses areas where sticking to the basics and not getting fancy will work best for your #digitalmarketing strategy. 

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Had lots of fun shooting this interview. 
Watch this week's edition of #MSHUnderReview, where +Craig Kilgore  and +Dave Perry discuss how Mainstreethost turns leads into customers by establishing a relationship and building trust. 

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Post written by +Courtney Christman 

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An object in motion tends to stay in motion. 

Unless that object meets Steven Jackson.
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Is this prank funny or cruel? Share your opinion in the comments.

This was featured in +Pat DePuy's "7 ridiculously clever ways to advertise" blog post on +Mainstreethost this morning. 

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#MSHMondays  is back with +Dave Perry, Digital Marketing Manager with +Mainstreethost. Check out his interview and be sure to congratulate him on the announcement of his second child!

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Never gets old
+Peter Baio throws down on me in #ImanShumpert  fashion:

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This is priceless. Talk about an awkward moment. 
Ryan Kesler interrupts a pelvic exam to deliver some good news.

+NHL +Vancouver Canucks #GameOn #NHL #hockeyisback  

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