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The #Atmosphere15 sure is alive in here. Looking forward to seeing Google Apps from a new perspective...

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This sounds like a big deal.
SHOT: Vox Media, Inc​ found success by directly posting content -- meaning videos, interviews, graphcs & pictures -- on Facebook

CHASER: The New York Times​ reports that BuzzFeed​, National Geographic​ and The New York Times are in talks with Facebook to host *their content*:

This is a big deal, and one that really will lead some publishing and media executives to drink. 

A couple of immediate thoughts come to mind. 

1) Google​ already offers video creators hosting & ad revenue on YouTube​, but not in search. If Facebook moved to host the content of more news media, could that change, in Google Now or elsewhere? Might Apple or​ shift to do the same? 

2) After the way Facebook sent torrents of traffic & then shifted its algorithm, leaving many Page owners to pay to get their work seen, I'd imagine some publishers will be cautious about hosting. TBD.

3) Should it host the content of news sites, Facebook will quickly amass even extraordinary power as an intermediary.

What are your thoughts on this development?

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Check out Education Week Teacher's latest story package, New Directions in Assessment. The articles focus on initiatives designed to integrate assessment more closely with classroom learning and instruction.There's lots on the common core, formative assessment, and transitional strategies to gauge students' progress.

Check out the new publication from Glenn Greenwald at Pierre Omidyar's First Look Media!

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Great commentary on this controversy - gets it, explains it well.

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Check out this year's Quality Counts report - all about local school districts on the front lines of change, and the challenges they face.
Education Week's 18th annual edition of Quality Counts rates states and the nation on key student-performance and finance indicators.

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Computer pioneer and WWII code breaker Alan Turing given a posthumous UK royal pardon 

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Sadly still a lofty goal....
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