Is Kazakhstan the new Uzbekistan?

Yesterday I was spot-checked by a police officer on the metro in Almaty for the first time. Up to that point, I had never been asked for ID in the city. He let me go without much fuss after I looked annoyed as the train pulled into the station. As I sat down, I thought about all the travelers hassled by policemen in the Tashkent metro, and I started comparing the 2 countries. I suddenly started summing up more similarities than I would have previously imagined. Let me ask you:

Which country, ending in -stan and headed by a family of billionaires, has recently

shot at its own citizens?
suppressed political opposition through sham trials and squashing street protests?
had terrorist attacks?
restricted press freedom?
restricted religious freedom?
had several journalists attacked?
had unfair elections?

2 years ago, Uzbekistan would have been the only answer to that question. Now, Kazakhstan fits the description as well. Does this mean Kazakhstan is backsliding, or has the ruling elite simply decided to drop the facade in the face of increased opposition? I believe it's the second option.
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