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Just notice an awesome page called +PurpleCircle created by +lynn langmade +Sinead Sam McKeown +Alexis Coram +Craig Szymanski

So here is my submission to +PurpleCircle. Hope you all enjoy this!
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Nice! Glad you found us because this is awesome! Excellent details, colors and bokeh.
This is an excellent shot!!! Love it, thanks for sharing.
I haven't seen any columbines yet this year, but I'm on the lookout for them!
+Ursula Rodgers ! Thanks for your comment! Finally I know the name of this flower.
Believe it or not, I have no idea what this flower is. But she really catch my eyes.
It's good that I know she is columbines now :)
I often take photos of flowers and have no idea what they are! But this one is the state flower of Colorado (where I live), so it's one of the few I know. :)
Oh ~ Colorado: a nice place for landscape photography.
I wish I can visit there and take some great photos :)
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