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Here's my take on why I find myself not using Google+ very much. And for the TLDR crowd, here's the pull quote: "Reading my stream in Google+ frequently makes me feel like I’m wasting my time in a way that Twitter does not."

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The Apple blogging / punditry community needs to get ahold of itself. This is a funny compilation of posts complaining that Apple didn't release Lion on the date it was rumoured to get released on. Get a grip, people!

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Some amazing never-seen-before photos of the Beatles from their 1964 arrival to the US, taken by a very talented photographer who was 18 at the time.

I wish Apple would add a feature to iTunes that sorts my apps by "last launched" date. It would make it easier to cull the ones I don't use.

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After trying Google's new theme for Gmail for awhile, I switched back to the old one. In the new theme information isn't as clearly grouped.

I actually feel similarly towards G+, but that can be helped quite a bit by using the Usability Boost extension for Chrome.

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Haha! Gotta love someecards.

If Google can create an iOS app for Google+ (it's been submitted and under review for the past two weeks), why not an iOS Gmail app?

Background: When Google went through the process of "upgrading" Google Apps accounts to be equal to regular Google accounts, they also made it so that it's no longer possible to be logged in to both a regular Gmail account and a Google Apps account on a mobile browser at the same time. There's a funky and error-prone workaround for desktop browsers, but nothing for mobile. Not impressed, Google.

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The Khan Academy is getting an iPad app. What a great idea!
The Khan Academy iPad app is coming along really well. We're getting near to a 1.0 release. This initial release will have video navigation and viewing as well as an interactive transcripts and offline support. Exercises will be coming in the next release. I've tossed a couple (very alpha) screenshots here. Huge thanks to +Adam Ernst and +Jason Rosoff for making this happen.
Khan Academy iPad App Alpha (3 photos)
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Google+'s mobile experience is going to have to get significantly better (read: good native app that rivals Twitter and Facebook's native apps) before it's going to be able to mount any serious challenge to those social networks.

I'm sure the Android people out there are saying it's already there, but I'm talking iOS here. Apparently the iOS Google+ app was submitted to the app store about a week ago... hopefully it'll debut soon.

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For the keyboard shortcut nerds out there, check out the Google+ Commander userscript, which adds the following keyboard shortcuts:

* c to comment
* s to share
* + to +1
* gg to go to top.
* G to go to bottom.
* n to show notification panel.
* i to focus to a form of new entry.
* esc to close current active textbox.
* gh to go to Home.
* gP to go to Photos.
* gp to go to Profile. * gc to go to Circles.

Hat tip to +Lee Mathews:
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