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The best way to change your habits... is to control your environment.
Do you agree?
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Great post.

I think the new length works just fine. What's shorter for you is still longer (and more info/research dense) than most of the blogs out there.

Looking forward to the next one.
Great post Gregory, makes total sense. I'm finding it so hard to get back into running and I know it's because I don't have a system for putting my gear out ready and having a defined slot when I should fit it into the day.

I love the idea of splitting up tasks by machine, never thought of that but I've just had a Chromebook arrive in the post this morning to complement my Macbook and iPad so uncannily you've just created my new system for me, as I work from home that will fit like a glove - thank you!
Great post, +Gregory Ciotti I particularly like what you had to say about routinizing your systems and making your environment work for you by taking advantage of the "lazy" factor.

I like the new length too.  I am always a fan of huge and valuable posts, but your new length is still long enough, while being a bit more digestible.
After plodding my way through only a few pages of tons of reading (for a postgrad course) last night and sleeping after 3am because I was 'unwinding' afterwards, I definitely need to put some of these tips into practice. Great article!
Regarding the sleep Wizard says: Your bed is good for two things, and one of them is NOT thinking! " Putting my head to bed became my focus for a loooong time. Prayer/mantra, repeated until routine. 
What is a coffee ship? It sounds amazing - I want to board a coffee ship right away. ;-) Alll aboard... Set sail for caffeine! Next stop, the Java Isles.

(This is my fun way of letting you know there's a typo). 
I'm not so sure that goals are worthless. One thing I've been thinking about lately is setting longterm goals; like a 5 year plan, with actionable steps. I like what you said about systems. I think in my scenerio of a 5 year plan, systems will be used to make sure I'm exactly where I want to be in year 1, 2, 3 , etc. 
+Raymond Duke Agree, but I think Adams is purposefully exaggerating to make his point (guy knows his marketing, heh). Fogg's less drastic opinion, "Goals are harmful unless they guide you to make specific behaviors easier to do," is what I personally subscribe to.

edit: just saw the "coffee ship" thing, too funny. Caffeine pirates searching for mocha lattes and plunder.
Good stuff. If I eventually want a lot of my habits to be different than what they are now, what is the max number research has shown people can successfully pursue at once?
+Steve Daar not sure about research, but i think the number is a lot smaller than we like it to be! I read a number somewhere (2-3, I think?), but unfortunately can't track it down now - but I've applied that rule (use willpower to address no more than 2-3 changes at a time, once habitualized, then can do 2-3 more) to my own habit change efforts, and it has been a key ingredient of my current success.
+Gregory Ciotti this takes me back to my undergrad psych major days. I was fascinated (and completely bought into) Pavlov and Skinner and schedules of reinforcement. I can't believe I never associated environment in my home to my habits (good or bad). Great post.
you are great!. I love Applied Psychology but never found a good source about it. Now finally I can find the source of my life :) I really think I should have had psych major instead of business administration with  boring lectures of management, leadership, organization behavior.. Now having MBA only proves the poor quality of my university... DOn't get me wrong,  I like reading books but just not into the type of boring lectures of my university. BUt there isn't any decent university of ANY subject in my country either...  
+Beth Phillips I always wondered why you cover so much from Freud in those 101 classes only to have him shot down in every other advanced class, heh. Gotta learn the history I guess.
+Gregory Ciotti I forgot about that. I must have blocked it out or hidden it deep in my subconscious or was that Jung? Freud, Jung, gotta love 'em.
Thought provoking article. Thanks for the BJ Fogg example and the links. I'll implement that make it harder concept to do things that I don't want to do. I would like you to review my upcoming self esteem manual. How can I send it?

Mansu Edwards
Chen Sw
impressive! I would like to bought some part and traslate in to Chinese. And of course I will write the article was wright by you. Woud you mind that?
Systems for success, that has been a hallmark of my business life for 30 years. I call a certain amount of people, and I will get a certain amount of responses. I send out a certain amount of marcomm materials, I will get a certain amount of results.

With my book writing this year about how to reinvent your life, I focus on systems. Those absolutely make it easier to accomplish my intentions.