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Love having friends with awesome taste. <3
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Far out!
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Now don't get me wrong. The occupiers are not proposing a world in which we all live outside on pavement and sleep under tarps. Most of us do not have the courage, stamina or fortitude to work as hard as these people are working, anyway. (Yes, they work hard.) The urban survival camps they are setting up around the world are a bit more like showpieces, congresses and "beta" tests of ideas and behaviors the rest of us may soon be implementing in our communities, and in our own ways.

— Douglas Rushkoff
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Isn't it great when one band you like covers another band you also like? It is!

Case in point: Veronica Falls covering the Verlaines' ( jangle-pop love song, “Joed Out”. It won't likely top the awesome original, but it's fun to hear a different take on a personal fave.
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I think I'm in love...

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This looks amazing.
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+John Masters It's so choice.
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16. What’s so special about the iPhone 4S and its connection with Siri?

There is nothing special about the 4S that makes it so that Siri can only work on that chip. Nothing is hardware accelerated in regards to Siri.
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