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I have been seeing many questions regarding T-Mobile plans, phones, discounts, etc being asked on my Twitter and other social media accounts. If you are currently a T-Mobile customer and would like me to review your account please send an email to my T-Mobile email address: with a subject line as "Account Review". I can most likely save you a significant amount of money per month. I can also add an aditional line or activate a new line of service upon request.

In the email please provide the following:
1) Account holders name and cell phone number
2) Account holders place of employment (to check further discount eligibility)
3) Any additional features (data, text, etc) you may want me to add

*Note: If you are already on the "value plan" with a company discount, then there is likely not much I can help with in terms of saving money. Also, there are no discounts for prepaid (monthly4G) plans.

Once I review the account I will reply to your email and tell you how much you will save per month or any other details I may find. Remember, me helping you helps me with commission so I will do my best with each account I review.
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I'd like to switch but can't find out if it's really covered in my area. I'm in zip code 96121. Please let me know... 
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Peter Alfonso

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One of my close friends needs our help with a start up project. I've never asked for anything in return for my continued support of ROMs so I figured I'd use this once to ask that you read the following about his project and also sign up for this free service that will pave the way for the future of social media. Be sure to list me (Peter Alfonso) as the referral to show how much BuglessBeast users helped out! 

"We are testing a new form of social media.  Actually, Audingo is a social platform that lets fans hear from their favorite personalities or organizations through a PHONE CALL, AUDIO TEXT, AUDIO EMAIL or VIDEO. 
Audingo allows a personality or leader in an organization to create and record audio and video content and then immediately connect with thousands of people on their mobile phone or device.  An Audingo from someone you admire starts a conversation and makes it more personal.
Research has shown that hearing your name spoken by a voice you recognize not only makes you want to listen but also to respond.
We want to prove that Audingos work, OR NOT!  All the details haven’t been worked out yet, but we couldn't wait to let you try it out!

Here is how to take part in our test!

One… Click 

Two… Choose the personalities (Select when and how you want to receive messages)

Three... Sign up at the bottom of the page and tell them the name of the PERSON who referred you to Audingo. 

(NOTE: Remember to input the referral person as Peter Alfonso)

Four… Listen, respond, and take advantage of the special offers.You have been chosen to be part of a beta test so things will only grow from here as more people come on board!"
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Pete, Happy Holiday's! I have a question? When do you think another version of BUGLESS BEAST for the "toro" will be available from you? I really like the "BUGLESS BEAST" version and just want to be totally up to date.....Please email me at sky2112007 at yahoo dot com. I really appreciate your work! THANK YOU!! 

PS> Have you heard anything about Android 5.0?
Christopher Fisher
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Peter Alfonso

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Have you put any thought into using OTA updater on your buglessbeast ROMs?
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Peter Alfonso

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Hi u have nice and cute pics
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Peter Alfonso

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This may be a dumb question, but is that Power Widget in the notifications built into Bugless Beast?  
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Peter Alfonso

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My Nexus 4 finally arrived in the mail yesterday. It bothers me just as much as it bothers you that I do not have a ROM compiled to flash onto it yet. Now that my semester at UCF is over I have a small break to explain why my Android updates have been nonexistent and try to catch up on everything.

Looking back to about a year ago I was in a completely different stage of life. I had no need for a job and was living in student housing near campus. My only responsibilites were to do well in my classes. Because of this, I was left with plenty of spare time, hence the updates to the ROM every two days. Although I was 22, I still felt like a kid because life was simple and to be honest I was quite introverted compared to the person I am today.

Today I find myself with a job that I love and am great at. I was awarded for being in the top 2% in the entire company here at T-Mobile last quarter and will strive to continue to do so. I also signed a year-long lease to rent a home near campus where I act as "landlord" to four other tennants. Acting as landlord means the entire funds for rent, electricity, water, cable/internet and furniture are my responsibility. They pay me a flat rate every month for their portion. On top of that I just purchased a Scion FRS. As you can probably already assume, these responsibilites make work one of my top priorities. If I slack even a little bit, everything will crumble and it will affect not only me but also my roommates.

Moving further along my priority list you will find that my health, education, and social life are again more important to me than Android. I try to go to the gym atleast four times a week to stay in shape. I am still a student at UCF and will continue to be until I graduate. And on the weekends you can guarantee I will be out with my friends enjoying their company after a stressful work week. There is so much more to life than what is on a computer screen, I only wish someone would have told me earlier.

So where does this leave Android for me? It leaves it for when I have time for it. I have mentioned many times before that I build my ROMs for myself, not for how many downloads I can get or how many users I can have. If people do happen to enjoy the ROM it is just an added bonus. Now that I do have a small break I will be working on getting my ROM up to date. I already started yesterday by backing up my pc and wiping it to freshly install Ubuntu (it has been having lagging issues to the point it is unusable). I just ask that you please be patient and realize that I do have many other things going on in my life other than just building ROMs.

Many of you may have noticed that the download links stopped working on my site about a week ago. Unfortunately all of the files were lost due to circumstances not in my control, hopefully with time I can get things back up and running.

Thank you for your understanding,
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Enjoy life Peter! You gave us a lot a for a while and it's your turn now. You're still very young and have years ahead of you to use what you've learned in both school and in life. If you've already realized how to balance work, academics, and relationships, you're way ahead of a lot of people. My OG Droid still sits in a desktop dock running one of your last ROMS. 
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Peter Alfonso

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Checkout the JellyBean builds if you haven't already!
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+Tellas Woods The screen turning on when plugged in is most likely the day dream feature under "display" settings.
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Peter Alfonso changed his profile photo.

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I think he is just truly justifying the "beast" part...
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Peter Alfonso

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Cheezin with some friends :)
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Hi Peter. Calendar disappeared from my GN. How do I get it back?
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Peter Alfonso

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JB rom
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