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New Site complete! Check out my Arizona's Affordable Home Care buddies in the Valley. 

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I'm happy to announce a new website re-design at

Contact my buddy Joe Moore for more information on running billboards across the U.S. Do marketing, ads, rotating ads, trucklit  ads at night, etc... You name it he's got it.
#responsivedesign   #bootstrap  

Well time to update a little bit...
I have been doing more work on Fiverr than anything lately. here are the latest reviews:

febian - "Awesome job. Clean and well done. Recommended"

toniklemko - "I can not describe the relief that comes when you are working with someone that knows what they are doing and takes the time to help you accomplish exactly what you need. tdro21 is top of the line for coding in my book. Needless to say I am thrilled with his work and will use him again and again."

domaintools - "Give this guy a chance on Fiverr! He really deserves it! Hardworking and very patient! Great to work with. Great guy! Coded my site perfectly as I wanted!"

marci2468 - "Outstanding quick work! Thank you so much!!"

hedron - "Great communication and high quality work - thank you"

antonioguzman - "Best help ever in fiverr!"
  #Bootstrap3   #webdesign   #fiverr  

First updates to the website have been and also want to introduce a new project just complete. Check out for more. #WebDesign #Responsive #Website
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