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OK so I learned a lot about the music I grew up with, and it all started w/ Cut Chemist's The Garden.  Ironically, that's not the song I ended up using, but it's great to take some time to learn about the instruments used in the Brazilian music I used to listen to as a child during "cocktail hour" :-)  I'm sure I only grazed the surface of all the percussion used here, but it was a cool exercise to train my ear to hear specific sounds and their relationship to each other.

So, I used Frederico Aubele's "Esta Noche"  - can't wait for Week #3! 

Hey there! Thanks to the Twitter nation, I learned only today about this awesome learning opportunity. Lots of folks in libraryland are gearing up or are already offering cool digital music production tools and classes to their patrons. I'm excited to learn all about this topic so I can better help our org plan for and/or implement something similar in our community.

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