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Marya Breznay
Marya works with the Military / Industrial Sales Division of South-Tek Systems, Makers of Nitrogen Generator Systems
Marya works with the Military / Industrial Sales Division of South-Tek Systems, Makers of Nitrogen Generator Systems

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Nitrogen Generator System Lowers Cost for Auto Metalcaster
The benefits of using Nitrogen generation technology are plentiful, and span across many different applications and industries. The automotive manufacturing industry is no exception. One particular automotive manufacturer recently found out just how benefic...

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Nitrogen Generators for Sweep Gas
South-Tek Systems Nitrogen Gas Generators are used to provide a steady, on-demand supply of Nitrogen as the sweep gas for degasification of water. Nitrogen Generators provide a cost effective, safe and convenient source of nitrogen, with a relatively fast r...

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Wet-Layup Protection with Nitrogen Blanketing
Wet-Layup Protection with Nitrogen Blanketing is necessary and proven method to help protect and avoid corrosion of your boiler circuit with the South-Tek Systems N2-GEN LPS Series Nitrogen Generator Series. No more need to use tube trailers, costly demurra...

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Nitrogen Sparging - Overview & Applications
South-Tek System's nitrogen generators can be used to produce nitrogen for the removal of contaminants through a process known as sparging. Also referred to as gas flushing, the process involves bubbling a gas through a liquid which helps helps remove conta...

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How Dave and Busters Uses BeerBlast Nitrogen Generators to Reduce Waste Issues and Improve Profits
Dave and Busters , one America's most highly recognized restaurant brands with over 60 locations in 29 states, has utilized South-Tek's BeerBlast nitrogen generator systems to help eliminate draft beer over foaming waste issues. South-Tek received a letter ...

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Rehabilitation of Fire Sprinkler Systems Affected by Corrosion
When corrosion becomes a problem in a fire protection system, it can be a challenge to determine the extent and severity of the damage. Because internal corrosion typically causes irreversible damage, fractional pipe replacement is almost always needed. In ...

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Nitrogen Gas Use in Fire Safety Training
For fire rescue organizations and their employees, smoke simulation is a key part of the overall training experience. In many cases, Nitrogen gas can be used to produce dense vapor that simulates smoke in a safe manner. This helps create a realistic trainin...

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From inerting boiler tubes and condensers to preventing corrosion during HRSG layups, Nitrogen is commonly and safely used in power plants throughout the world. Learn more in the  link below about the benefits of our Nitrogen Generators at power plant facilities.

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ROI with Nitrogen Generation
As a business owner, facility supervisor, or plant manager, you understand the value of maintaining a safe and efficient workplace. You also understand the value of keeping a healthy bottom line. That's why, whenever your company is researching a new produc...

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Nut packaging with a Nitrogen Generator
You might think using Nitrogen to preserve food is a little...nutty. But many food manufacturers rely on this clean, inert gas to package, preserve, and store perishable food items. Over the years, more and more food industries have begun relying on Nitroge...
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