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wanna PEACE of Me? -Jesus
wanna PEACE of Me? -Jesus


Not one soul will perish who puts their trust in Me. -Jesus

Not one soul will perish who puts their trust in Me. -Jesus

Does this appea to anyone?
Remember: 1-outta-1 must bite-the-dust.
'Not one soul will perish who puts their trust in Me' -Jesus

'It is impossible that anyone should not receive ALL
that he has believed and hoped to obtain; it gives Me
great pleasure when men hope great things from Me
and I will always grant them more than they expect'
to Saint Gertrude

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This weeerdo/L O S E R sez
(be ON the world...
but not OF the world):
What? Me worry? -MAD

Wasn't Christ a pariah, an outcast??
Shouldn't uB2 if the world holds nthn?
You atheists shouldn't worry then:

AXIOM: Almighty God tells the Truth.
AXIOM: filthy ol Lucifer lies like a rug.
Make Your Choice -SAW:
...aint2coolNhellfire, dudezWITHEloodz.
(Latin: words to the wise):
Our pride has led U.S. astray
proudly displaying it as a banner of arrogance.
...yet, with humility N faith
(seeing it aint US nor filthy
Lucifer that holds the Truth),
we can someday enter Heaven
which not many souls are capable of reaching.
The one who's really on-fire for Jesus, dude, shall NEVER demand their nameBknown - like a wee mouse who silently scurries around their finite cage... to live FOREVER in the eternity prepared for you withe knowleje YOU helped prepare the Way for other souls to achieve immortality.
Ignes alii levis aurae locum tenet
si cum ardore meo comparentur.
(Latin: the fires of earth are cooler than Hellfire).
MEEK aint WEAK, bro; MEEKness is realizing our co-dependancy on our Creator as sinfull mortals...
to be MEEK is to know our place before Almighty God: how we get Upstairs; PROUD and LOUD (like homosexuals N jihadeez) is how you descend... yet, always Purgatory for those who've made a 180° - Seventh-Heaven is your reward cuzz E V E R Y O N E gets out, Protestants.
Thus, seeing our Final Ending as either in Seventh-Heaven... or the Abyss o'Misery withe pigs after we finally croak, Im taking the rising escalator, faithfully climbing the mountain to gain the hardwon panacea for the lengthNbreath of eternity.
The earth is so boring now,
going roundNround like a
bore beetle pushing her dung -
no end to the squabbling like
turkeys waiting to be slaughtered.

While in Heaven-Above, an eternity
of love awaits for those who were
satisfied by whats on their plate;

For those who werent afraid to give
their ALL, we shall go roundNround
the universe slowly for those who
werent afraid to deny materialism N
vanity where we'll have a beyond-exceptional-destiny.
Q: why are many in vanity and materialism even now???
A: precisely cuzz they havent yet had a NDE like I. So why not teach'm like any good sensei would? Yes, I was a sensei, first degree, in Hawaiian, Kempo karate... yet, as the years went on (till my death or Rapture), I thot of it as all pure vanity.
YES, earthling, Im a bona-fide NDE...
and, yes, God exists.
Prove it.
Evil exists.
Prove it.
Lucifer exists.
Prove it.
Atheism exists.
Prove it.
Just did, bro.
On October 30, 1985 after school, my girl+friend and I were driving to a debate practice; we stopped not far from my house and were hit by a truck going 70 in 35 because they were late to a TaiKwonDo practice. C'est la Bieber. She was DOA which left this mortal sinner in a coma for almost ten?? days. Im a NDE; I saw the Celestial City for a brief instant but didnt enter: WAAAY-TOO-FULLA-SIN. Totally, totally living4jesus now (well, 97.79% according to CNN).

Dunno why Satanists/jihadeez worship the fool when most know they're being LIED to like a rug. PRAY-FOR-THEM! Jesus does!! Maybe a few souls will turn 180° I have absolutely no fear of death now nor did I: obey Jesus, trustNjesus, forsake yourself, inherit the Kingdome! Meet us Upstairs N we'll have a literal high-flying, eternal party-hardy.

Exactly what Jesus wants: faith N charity. Nthn else. Exactly what gets the lotta youse into Seventh-Heaven. Follow me by making a stand for Jesus: didnt He follow His Father's Will by going to the Cross? as I do by living4heaven:

I go down, down, down (in my mind)
to mine the 'Fe' in this wicked world
('Fe' is Latin for IRON making you strong).
Q: whats the MOST important objective
N our lifelong demise determined by us
when Almighty God gave U.S. free-will??
H I N T - H I N T
N U D G E - N U D G E
P O K E - P O K E
A: achieving Seventh-Heaven: in the Great
Beyond, e-very-thang is possible, miss gorgeous.

When our eternal soul
leaves our body at death's
hour and we wiseabove
to meet our Maker,
only four, last things remain:
death, judgement, Heaven or Hell
according to the deeds WEE mortals
have done in our existence finite.

if you're of the RIGHT,
you'll see the LIGHT...
follow that to the Elysian Fields.
Let's be tethered2forever Upstairs.
anyone! anytime!
A N Y W H E R E!!
this finite existence
is more XX-citing
than eternal
and I'll gitcha
a pitcher-O-beer
Upstairs, babe.
No charge!
Im buds withe Owner...
If you only knew the total brevity of this finite existence AND how lengthyNwidthy eternity is, you'd change your MODUS OPERANDI (Latin: moral reasoning) in an instant: after His death, Jesus went down to the Abyss o'Misery; He actually MADE filthy ol Lucifer BOW!!! to God!!!!! WhahahaWhahaha. Thats the ENORMOUS power of the Almighty. Thats who Im serving. Who do you serve??
Precisely the act of being humble
gives the Holy Spirit more! moxie
to act in the lives of others.
You must be a lover of silence B4 a lover of vocality.
Remember this, humanity:
'Im nthn but a teeny-weeny-atom at the foot of the Cross...
but, yet, what a nuclear explosion to those who're at a loss'
Remember this, too:
I myself have the POW!er to change humanity
by MY wurdz given by Almighty God's Word:

I have NEVER, EVER deviated or hated'm: homosexuals are human beings, too, same as U.S. ...yet, they need hetrosexuals help to see THEIR ways of 'pro-creation' are very, very contrary to what the Bible teaches;

Again, I have 'grown-up' in my weee life, soda speak, in my understanding N compassion for homosexuality.

When o'BOMBa was prez, he kept a tranny in the Opaque Domicile for EIGHT years - 'mrs' obama. Thats sooo mortal sin. I kept the on my blogOsphere for that long, too, not knowing how to remove it in my immaturity. Now, I know differently: trustNjesus, NOT guns.
Jesus' Rules aint crippling, humanity; SIN! is crippling:
aint2coolNhellfire, pops... aint no middle ground, either.
you DO NOT gotta be Catholic...
yet, you do have FREE WILL, o'BOMBa.
judicium durissimum his qui praesunt fiet.
(Latin: most severe judgement shall B4 them who bear rule).
'Grrr. Where is that aloofa sponge?' asked I.
'Maybe it's aloof ..??' my guardian angel sed in a dry voice.
Make a stand.
Stand thy ground.
Speak-up, bro.
Never back down.
Heaven awaits... yet, few make it.
Coming to my Big-Ol, John Belushi, party-hardy in Seventh-Heaven, girls, where I'll serve you and love you till time without end? Pleasure-beyond-measure? R&R eternally which you so desire N deserve, ya-wild-cardz?? Meet me Upstairs someday. Im dying 2b1wU, dear.
Though our course may as yet seem deviant,
Almighty God's still in control of the Rudder:
'Ponder, humanity, o'yonder
the Elysian Fields
past this mortal lifetime:
see the Abyss o'Misery yields
the fruit o'filth fallen
those who refuse to kneel'
use me today
to win souls
for Your Kingdom
Q: why dont moe grow-up, Curly?
A: 'laissez-faire'ness (indifference).
Lemme propose to you an exquisite, explosive, extraordinary opportunity which is completely beyond anything this world has to offer, young women. Would you allow SEVEN things in Heaven just between us, you vigourous, tumultous you?

Feeding you gorgeous baklava and ostentatious ice cream, leapinNdancin-outta-the-bowl to Tchaikovsky? Giving you a looong, sensuous backrub with a feather duster, you... you incredible, indelible girly-whirly? Brushing your beautifull (I find it) irresistable hair? Kissing your adorable feet which brot you to Heaven? Holding hands, staring into your eyes, being one, holding onto our vivid-excesses-forever? Exactly what most humans are oblivious to: love.

I'd LOOO...OOOVE that and I think you would, too - and everything in between if you know what I mean: reciprocal altruism? devouringly diplomatic? Think about that,
precious, precocious girls-of-the-world.
Get back with me Upstairs.
Alas! O poor, poor Yorick!
If I cannot win on earth,
I'll win the heavenly Lottery.
'Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt
et non tangent illos tormentum mortis'
(Latin: the just man shall be in everlasting rememberance)
the yooNeek-Jesus-freeek:
iconic, ironic, hystrionic.
Czechmate, Lucifer, ya veg pi.
(Im half Czech BTW).
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'The more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
-the Infant Jesus of Prague
Lemme begin by saying the concept
of time passes away quickly: our
objectives AND adjectives swiftly
lose their hollow lustre which we thot
were significantly magnificent before,
death is the Final Equalizer sad to say;
we must chase our dreams to the
'outfield' - bypassing the whorizontal -
if we're gonna achieve Seventh-Heaven
with vivid, oblivious, o'er-the-Hillary.
Thus, denying the existence of anything
morbid or rancid aint gonna prevent U.S.
from stepping onto THAT on the sidewalk...
and the Abyss of Misery still exists, too!!
Just like the Great Beyond is above after death
for all those who accept God N follow Jesus,
Satan's coming after us with a vengence hideous
if we dont realize our fatal error BEFORE the time
of our demise... nevertheless...
Gott'm, gotta lotta'm -
open N shut meat N potatoes:
fuzzy, ketchy, gritty incendiary;
racy, raw, red-alert-smorgas/bordom
in our stonewall, POW!!wa prowess.
Wannum? Lemme have'm:
i2i wisdom much higher than
K2 is our IQ which is a
insane, King-Size, aXiom aXentz;
highly robust N rockkin reality;
yooNeekly, raww!kuss antidote;
full-throttle, sheeer madness,
lifesize, inTENse, setNstone,
no-holds-barred-stigmata BBQ!
how mucha wanna betcha
finger-lickin-goood! classy, cocky conundrums???
(...skuze d'New Joisey accent, brudda -
dat juss d'fak, Jak).
When I lost my avant-garde-gravity due to my
self-propelled, offa-the-wall like Jimmy Hoffa
[RIP] crazyness in an OttoWekk at 15
the force of the truck + Janet hit me so hard [DOA]
= my L brain was mush [DECEREBRATE RIGIDITY]📍
I won reading-between-the-lines
like a Bill-n-Ted, excellent, K O L D_ K A D A V R
in some morgue,
N an indisputable Lover in Her
hardboiled, G.B.H outcasts
from a broken saint
in my .357-caliber,
the following weekend...
Seize! The! Utter! Volume! of the Elysian Fields
where I'll definitely be waiting N getting a
gratuitously graphic,
super-dooper-reality lasting
777,777,777,777,777,777,777.007 years -
no less, no moe, Curly.
Q: why did I fall-off our 'steed' like
Saul who became Saint Paul??
A: though life passes-away which mirrors human
existence, the Great Beyond stands-out without
self/ego: we're One with Almighty God to live
eternally, to explore N to figuratively grow-up
eon-by-eon into the self-LESS beings YOU were
meant to be to Puh-Ray-Zuh Gawwd!! populate
the HUGE, finite universe which'd be far-out...
and when we're done with allah THAT?
(which'd take roughly bout 10ish centillion years)
the Truth speaks louder than exponential infinity:
the realm so vast in every direction beyond the
universe, only Loader's number or higher
can calculate.
Q: cant you read-betweeen-the-lines yet, Yahoos??
God'll letchoo do anything in His 'URL' forever!!!!!
Absolutely kick-some-arcade-games withe
maximum gnawledje - gotta! wanna! lemme come
back for Sonday Service though with none other
than Jaunty Python; we're the fuel-on-the-fire
conduit, for without Jesus, you might as well be
fine-art-roadkill in the broiling dungeon of Lucifer.
Q: whats so <#@!!> cool bout Hell, kids??
A: your lemming enemies will be there, too,
turned into repulsive, filthy dawgs with fleas -
fleas dont die; they just burrow into their host
making the problem that much greater:
reeekin mold, maggotz, rotting bodies, HUGE
spiders, 300° level ONE, water's non-existant.
aint a wise idea to venture into the eternal sewage
(Realm of the Damned)
which is diabolically, diehard-diarrhea-nasty...
Q: how do I know these things, University of Kansas?
you seem like a deaf preacher riding
'round in circles on his ultra-light-Specialized.
A: Im a true, Near Death Experiencer, sunshine.
So it really doesnt matter if you're an atheist, dear,
telling mortal humanity to hate Almighty God and
giving them YOUR worthless version of nthn: does
the ultimate vision of waking-up on the outskirts of
Seventh-Heaven when NDE constitute? Think, please.
STOP SPEWING YOUR VITRIOL... or else you'll B12
Q: why else does a moth fly from the night
to a bold, attractive candle Light?
A: dont let His extravagant Brilliance be
extinguished, earthling. You're creative, yes?
Then, fly-away with U.S. to the psychadelic
iridescence of eternity: TRUST n JESUS!!!
Q: whats a rock-solid-prayer to start each day?
A: 'Jesus, I trust in You; I cannot do this alone. Amen'
Q: whats a fab book on your newby faith journey?
A: 'Lui et Moi' by Gabrielle Bossis (translated);
...or 'Chats With Converts' by Rev. M.D. Forrest, MSC
Q: why stand at ground zero without a sound Hero?
A: immitate. absolutely. nobody BUT jesus:
NOTE: summa these 24ish blogz are quite immature
in their sardonic, satirical satire, yet, that was
before I grew-up into superkid:
Im neither a Republican nor a Democrat -
both of em are controlled by the Satanic OWG
(except 4 donBgone).
I serve God and God alone.
So dont be a dynamic lemming anymoe, Curly.
Follow your M.O. to wiseabove...
cuzz nobody gits outta here alive.
PS° how do I arrive at 2+2=eternity??
1/2: trustNjesus/repent
[just say you're sorry N mean it]
2/2: love Jesus/love one another =
eternity Upstairs where no end exists.
Let's be tethered2forever, humanity.
Im such an iconoclast.
Im such a punkUation. the sun-shiny-stars
in this deceitFULL world extraordinaire,
so is my faith far, far away
soon to come to the angel-hair.
'you must long for Heaven because
this is the same as to long for Me
and it glorifies Me: submerge yourself
in Me in life and you will be engulfed in
Me in death'
Jesus, voir dire
Make Your Choice -SAW:
we needDseed to grow-up.

❤ As the vibrant passion of earthly dialogue
is now nullified in the literal 'ex capita mea'
(Latin: outta my head, man) after we pass
from this brief existence to eternity, we create
inconsequential experiences which serve no
other purpose than to serve ourselves, totally
forgetting who made U.S. Think, please. I know
you know how, KU. Recognize our vessels worth
which is YOU: this culture's heavily immersed in
the self. Let's turn that round, shall we? Isnt the
non-exhaustive-destination Upstairs also
engrossed? enveloped? engulfed? consumed?
by Him 2B with us? Isnt the very being of our
'joy d'vivre' one of saturated symbiosis??
Think about it: a pi number of years X💯
destiny of your accomplishments X💯
no Lucifer to contend with N a highly
influential landscape FULLA everlasting,
exaggerated goodies forever X💯
〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ ♥️
'Laudabimus et videbimus,
Amabimus et vacabimus...
In fine sine fine...'
-Saint Augustine
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