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Carrying the guilt
I'll admit that I really don't want to miss any part of my children growing up. I am not even talking about the milestones of rolling over, first smiles and walking and talking. Ironically the pressure then is less as they have no expectations of you to be ...

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Glossy memories
I would often read stories of mum's reminiscing about the baby days and how it all went too fast. The sleep deprivation was part and parcel of the "job" and could be treasured as more time spent together. Don't rush your little one to grow up as it's time y...

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What are you watching now?
It can be a bit boring the blurb about how fast children grow and wanting them to slow down. It’s just that it seems to happen without you noticing it and you can’t help but wonder where the time has gone. I guess as we are living it we just don’t notice it...

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Project 366: Days 66 - 79
Day 66 Science experiment Day 67 Bath time Day 68 Home made fish and chips Day 69 Super hero crafting  Day 70 The Diva Day 71 Reading Day 72 Morning cuddles Day 73 Siblings  Day 74 Learning about Jamaica Day 75 Last shot before bed time Day 76 Here she come...

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Saying goodbye to baby centre
At the start of my first pregnancy I joined up with Baby Centre, read books and probably underlined and made notes. I was getting prepared after all. It's funny to look back on now.....I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I still parented pretty ...

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Project 366: Days 52 - 65
Day 52 "Sniff" Matthew Van Fleet Day 53 Wee man makes "Writer of the Week" Day 54 Colomba Day 55 Even spiderman needs a rest Day 56 Number sentences  Day 57 This is homework  Day 58 What is my brother's is mine Day 59 Garden play  Day 60 Never mind the toys...

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Project 366 :Days 45 - 51
Day 45 Birthday party celebrations Day 46 Funny faces Day 47 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Day 48 Cream Cheese Fanatic Day 49 Waiting for her brother to finish his tennis lesson Day 50 Who needs toys? Day 51 Birthday boy 

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Project 366: Days 38 - 44
Day 38 Daddy Hugs Day 39 Siblings  Day 40 Pancakes  Day 41 Evening shenanigans  Day 42 Interacting with Creepy Crawlies  Day 43 Pizza night  Day 44 First shoes

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Feeding the Diva
This is the type of post that sits in your head but you are not quite sure how to write it, much less give it the right title. The thing is my breastfeeding journey with the diva has been a very large part of my journey as a second time mum. It started the ...

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Project 366: Days 31 - 37
Day 31 Blow your whistle  Day 32 Blurred tickles  Day 33 He's home!  Day 34 My little swimmer Day 35 Happy birthday to my Diva!  Day 36 Cake smash (Diva got a bit overwhelmed on her birthday! Don't think she likes candles. Next day though she tucked in!) Da...
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