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The "gig economy" is the American dream perverted into a nightmare of Rand-ite Objectivist "I've got mine, you can go die" bullshit.

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Too damned right.

I'm going to suggest here a strategy for social change that is going to offend and even horrify some of you. You may well question if I am being serious; perhaps you can assuage any misgivings this suggestion causes regarding your belief in my fundamental humanity by reading this suggestion as a Swiftian absurdity akin to eating the children of the poor. Here then is my suggestion, for your consideration.

Let us each live by our beliefs.

On its face, this is a simple statement in support of liberty. You believe that Sunday is a day of rest? I shall not require that you work on Sunday, then. A man wishes to marry a man? Then they may marry.

Read the statement further, considering another potential meaning. Not simply a statement in support of allowing self-determination, but of requiring it. Do you believe that mercy through charity is a blessing, given freely by those who have to those who need? Then should you need it, mercy should be offered to you. Do you believe that each should succeed or fail on only their merits and labors, and fate shall decide? Then there will be no outside support for you, and if you cannot feed your children, then your children will die.

Your beliefs cannot be allowed to directly excuse imposition of your will upon others. Believing that whatever you can take by force from others is yours can only be allowed if you prey upon others who believe the same way. However, do you know someone who believes that society should offer no support for the poor? Then that person should receive no assistance from the government, should the need arise.

We question how people can vote against their own interests. We read quotes of people who say, "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!" We know people who think that the poor deserve to die for the crime of not having money, yet those same people receive benefits they have not earned.

So be it. Live or die by your beliefs. You don't believe in government assistance, you (and by extension your household) don't receive it. Wait a generation. The voting trends we lament, where swaths of people vote against their own interests, will change dramatically.

Is this heartless? Perhaps. Is it heartless to allow a person to suffer the consequences of their own choices, when they would not grant you the same courtesy or consideration? Is it heartless to favor the many over the few, when the few are determined to ruin the welfare of the many?

For your consideration.

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The way we're going as a species, we're going to need these inside closed agricultural domes just to continue on this planet, let alone any dreams of terraforming other worlds.

This should be in addition to eliminating the pesticides that are causing colony collapse, thank you. 

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I could have put this in my Gaming collection, but ultimately, it's not about the games. The article is about the people who make games and the motivation and inspiration that neopagan spirituality provides, as well as the solace that can be found in it.

Here's an un-requested tip, a little self-awareness drill for dealing with other people's choices.

Scenario: an acquaintance of yours does something for an unknown reason. You intend to ask why this person has done this thing. Before you ask the person, answer the following questions:

1) Why do I want to know the reason? Am I trying to learn something? Am I expressing an interest in this person's actions and life? Or am I negatively judging this action and plan to use the question on reason as a prelude to expressing my disfavor?
2) Does this action impact me? Directly or indirectly? If it doesn't impact me, why am I about to ask the question?
3) If I'm being judgmental, why? Does this action hurt someone who cannot consent or deny consent effectively? Does it hurt the person performing the action and, if so, do they understand that? If it causes them hurt, is it a problem because it will physically injure them, or is it something I don't like?
4) Can I ask this person this question in a positive way?
5) If the situation were reversed, would I want someone to ask me this question the way I'm intending to ask it?

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A reminder for anyone who might suggest that private charity should replace government funding of social programs: it doesn't work.

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Is Kalanick running a Rand-ite Objectivist corporation, a Scientology-like cult of personality that targets suppressive persons, or are those things basically the same beast by different names? #DeleteUber if you haven't already.

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I love this. It's a brilliant idea for travelers who know how to pack.
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