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Kevin Suttell
Do you hear the voices too?
Do you hear the voices too?


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On the edge of extinction...
Crimson Fists versus Black Legion Hey everyone! Sorry its been awhile, real life issues landed on me like a 10 ton truck. Then decided that wasnt enough and landed on us again... While everything hasn't exactly ironed themselves out completely, I am still a...

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Judicator finished
The group shot so far... I just finished my Brotherhood Judicator the other day. Such a great kit nd was a total blast to paint and to magnetize. Now I just need to acquire 2 more but that can wait until after I get a Warlord and maybe another unit or two. ...

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Warzone Resurrection goodness!
Brotherhood Troopers Hello everyone! If you couldn't tell by the above pic, today's hobby progress is focused on the Warzone Resurrection universe (and will be for a good while). I was introduced to this system by my good friend Jim Vidlak Jr. who works for...
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