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Wonderful news from the orangutan project in Indonesia:

We are so delighted that Peni was able to be released back into the wild. Witnessing the brutal murder of her mother was hugely traumatic and distressing to this young orangutan, but the hard work of our team has truly reaped rewards.

Good luck, Peni!

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You guys are amazing. I volunteered with the orangutang project in Borneo in 2013. The updates on these special features are very dear to me. They need so much protection. Thank you for your amazing work and the love and care and attention you have given to little Buddi too. I gave been tracking your updates. God bless and thank you will continue supporting you. Maddy xxx
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We have launched an appeal to raise funds for a very exciting project: Mely's Island.

It’s not easy or cheap to build an enclosure strong and secure enough to keep an adult orangutan safe. In fact, it’s simpler to buy a small island where we can release our rescued adult orangutans and give them their first taste of freedom. 

Orangutans like Mely, who was snatched from the wild at such a young age that she has never climbed a tree; like Monte, who had been chained up in a cage so small that he couldn't stand up, and all the other fully grown orangutans who should be swinging through the forests of Indonesia will be able to be released onto this island, and closely monitored by our team to ensure that they can survive in the wild. Once the team is satisfied, each orangutan can then be released into a protected area of forest. 

Watch the slideshow of Mely's journey: Help us set Mely free

Find out more about how you can help us release these amazing apes:
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Hello friends! We need your help!

International Animal Rescue is in with a chance of winning a massive £2,000 donation from Direct Debit but we need YOUR HELP to get there! Please consider voting for us - just follow this link to cast that all important vote: 

£2,000 would pay for the food and medical treatment of a rescued orangutan for a whole year!

Please champion the work we do by voting for International Animal Rescue, and share with your friends to ask them to do the same. It really would be a fantastic way for you to show your support! 

The charity with the most votes at the end of the month wins the £2,000, the runner up wins £1,000 and the next 20 win £100 each, so please get voting and sharing :)
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Another baby orangutan swells the ranks at International Animal Rescue's new Orangutan Rescue and Conservation Centre:

Please help us look after poor Tribun and many more like him:
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Thanks for the invite! We're hoping to highlight the illegal wildlife trade and its devastating effect on the forests of Indonesia, so this group will be pretty useful :)
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this animal is so cute.
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Read the full story about the dramatic rescue of FOUR orangutans from palm oil plantations:

Remember, we can't do any of this without your support!
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International Animal Rescue has today released footage of scenes of devastation in Indonesia. The team was alerted to the plights of four wild orangutans, including nursing mothers and a tiny baby, stranded on on an oil palm concession. A second baby is missing, and likely to have died of starvation.

International Animal Rescue film shocking scenes of deforestation and starving orangutans

The film highlights major flaws in the regulation and enforcement of the guidelines for members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). 

Please watch the film and share with your friends.

For the full story on the dramatic rescues:
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Find out how the power of social media gave this lovely old dog in Goa a second chance at happiness after his owner died:
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Four sloth bears have been rescued in a daring rescue operation on the Indo-Nepal border by our partner Wildlife SOS. The bears have been mutilated and suffered terrible pain, but will be treated and cared for at our Agra Sanctuary.

Please help us look after these poor bears with a donation:

Read the full story here:
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Thank you for doing this and for your amazing job overall. You're a true inspiration and I will definitely support as soon as pay day comes :)
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