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Selen Basol
Software Engineer @Google & Expat @Zurich
Software Engineer @Google & Expat @Zurich

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Zürich GGD #5 (on Tuesday 26th of April) registration is open now, secure your spot in Eventbrite!
Boy geeks can also join as +1 of a Girl Geek participant!

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Finally our work is close to completing its roll out this week, proud to be part of this team \o/
Presenting you with Maps Timeline:
The new way to explore your location history!

If you want to give it a try or Timeline tab of new Android Google Maps - 9.12.

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Very insightful talk on why it is not okey to cruise your 20s lazy :)

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"... Being moody means you're tuned in to you feelings, or in other words, you have great intuition. If you'll listen to it..."

Of course as long as it is below a certain threshold which separates it from the disorder, it actually can be strength.

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Sad but true.
It is proudly stated in most of our industry (at least in the Valley) that we don't need people to dress seriously to take them serious. Sadly looks like it works only one way.

For my case I am wearing my dresses and/or heels to work at least one day a week. Definitely increased flashiness and seriousness over time. People know me are definitely not surprised anymore. And for those that don't know, I take it as a chance to start a conversation :)

Though it is true that this is a safe environment and I don't rely on peoples first impressions. Things are harder when presenting at a conference. And not sure what would be my choice of dress if I were to interview these days..

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20 days 3500 kms of Turkey

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GGD #3 official announcement!

We are very pleased to announce that the 3rd Zürich Geek Girl Dinner will take place on Wed 4th of June, from 6pm on. Book it on your calendars!

We’ll soon communicate the location, how to grab your ticket and the list of great speakers that will make it an unforgettable evening!

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Google Women engineering  group visits CERN
Mar'14 CERN
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Last weekend, last minute Rapperswil break!
Mar'14 Rapperswil
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