Hi Campers!

Our civilization was built on a technology so advanced we still don't know everything it's good for. But somewhere along the way, most of us seem to have forgotten how to really tie things together.

Yet, if you can tie things together securely, you can make almost anything from practically nothing.

Consider the golf ball - underneath those dimples, an incredibly long rubber band subjects the core to almost 10,000 pounds of pressure. The secret is in the wrapping - every turn adds pressure, which is the same principle at work in a lashing - the result is very strong, but with a little bit of give.

So, get your sticks and line and we'll tie our first lashing. Relax - this takes a little bit of practice, so expect to start over a couple of times. I’ll walk you through the step-by-step photos and instructions here: http://goo.gl/nMwSY

I’ll also be hosting a Hangout today at noon PST, so come tune in and we’ll talk knots and rope.

We can make all kinds of things once we know how to lash. Get creative and post photos of your projects with the #MakerCamp and #TinkeringTuesday hashtag (that way we’ll be able to see them).
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