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Google+ looks very different from the last time I used it. Gonna have to explore it all over again...

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On June 5/6th, 2012 will be last Transit of Venus in this CENTURY - next in 2117. Don't miss it!

And before it happens again, the Earth will change beyond recognition

It won't happen again until December 2117. On June 5th, 2012, Venus will transit the face of the Sun in an event of both historical and observational importance. The best places to watch are in the south Pacific, but travel is not required

Check on map where will be visible →
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Image Credit & Copyright: David Cortner


So yeah... eclipses are cool! Just watched my first total solar eclipse (right from my backyard)!

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Not a fan of their music (this song is pretty good), but I really admire their creativity and willingness to explore. And this video kicks ass!
Might not be a band you'd normally listen to, but watch this video for the amazing Rube Goldberg machine. Yeah, let's prove even the odd things in life can make things happen!

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I wouldn't call this a reprise, as whoever put this video up did, but this is a new song added to Roger Waters' live show of The Wall. It's played between "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" and "Mother."

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The Wall 2012
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