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Seems cool... I have already been using some of these features in Mailbox from Dropbox. Does anyone have a spare invite for the #inbox   #inboxbygmail   :)

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Amazing plugin to discuss things across web with friends

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Oldest use of Zero (as the number 0) found in Gwalior (my home town) and very close to where I grew up. 

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America needs to take a stand: Generous or Chumps?

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How about some coffee?

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Very interesting!!!

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#AlbumTheme: How to photograph during Midday?

Isnt's midday supposed to be when all good little photographers take a nap...or log on to Google+ to make sure they are not forgot in the RAT RACE ;))) But with a bit of creativity you can shoot at midday and produce breathtaking photos like this one from Skogafoss, Iceland. 

I have arranged my album so that the first 25 images were taken during midday during harsh light. 

Enjoy & Share.
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