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OMG! OMG! OMG! DID YOU HEAR??!! Brad Pitt is straight! O.O

Seriously, when is it gonna stop being a big deal and/or newsworthy when someone "reveals" they're gay? No one reveals they're straight, and no one reports on that. I'm tired of media making it sound like it's some disease or some shock or something. But then again they do that with everything, I know... like who's dating who and whatnot, but still, it just seems so silly.

And then you have the asshats like the people in the comments that say the show is now totally ruined, he killed it, and they won't be able to stop thinking about it whenever they watch it now. 'Cause you know, once you know someone likes ketchup more than mustard, they totally become a different person and suddenly any talent they have is invalidated. >.>

If you can't stop thinking about it, you're obviously obsessed with sexuality and you probably have some questions to ask yourself. Watch the show like you always have, he's no different now, his character will be the same, and it will have zero effect on you. I'm sure people will shout "they're shoving it down our throat!" No, you are, because you can't get over it for some stupid reason. Homophobes think about homosexuality more than homosexuals do sometimes, I swear...

Now as a side note, I do find that stars "coming out" publicly can be a good thing, especially when they have a message to others that it's fine and you can achieve anything because you're obviously just as human as the next person. But I just wanna see a day when they don't have to do that because it won't be this huge debate or controversy anymore, and no one will need reassurance that they're okay the way they are, because it's quite absurd that we have to do that in the first place in hopes that kids and adults will stop killing themselves because of the pressures and labels society puts on them.

I still stand by that in typical E! fashion though, this is just done wrong. "Described as gay" and making it all tabloid-y like it's some gossip housewives are spreading around? Really? It's amateur. "Did you hear he's gay?!" "GASP! No way!" "RIGHT?!" >_<

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