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The very purpose of our life is happiness, which is sustained by hope. We have no guarantee about the future, but we exist in the hope of something better. Hope means keeping going, thinking, ‘I can do this.’ It brings inner strength, self-confidence, the ability to do what you do honestly, truthfully and transparently.
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James Gregory

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Any Photoshop 1.0 users out there? Here's a great tutorial for you all!
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James Gregory

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It looks darn good! I'm ready to stick Comic Neue everywhere :-D
Comic Sans, meet Comic Neue!
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Just... wow! Quite glad I don't use OpenCart after all that.

The original issue has been deleted, but a copy of the thread is available here:
This is amazing. OpenCart developer uses a function owned by mozilla, released under a couple of different open source licenses that all require attribution. When someone files a bug asking the developer to add the attribution, the ticket erupts in absolute chaos.

I highly recommend reading the thread. It is absolute comedic gold!
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I've just arranged my free trial - have you?
Introducing GAF: We're delighted to announce the launch of our revolutionary air freight delivery service. From order placement to delivery in 12 hours, we believe our GAF (Gripple Air Freight) technology can revolutionize logistics. Take a look at our promotional video and arrange your free trial with us today.
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Great idea. But I think you might have been a minute too late in signing up for the trial, mate!
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James Gregory

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Happy birthday to the Peak District!
Happy Birthday to the Peak District which was officially named Britain’s first National Park 63 years ago today. We’re fortunate to be in the only city in the UK with a National Park within its boundaries, so we’d like to celebrate by inviting our students, staff and friends around the world to share your pictures and places to visit in the Peaks ‪#‎PeaksBirthday‬ 
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There are some great photos in this album.

I really enjoyed seeing Trey's photos coming up on my Chromebook, and they make great Android wallpapers too.
Photo by Trey Ratcliff from — all works are Creative Commons Noncommercial. Enjoy and share! :)
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James Gregory

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Can't wait for this to come into stable Chrome :-)

h/t to +Gary Wood for +1ing :-)
Global play controls are coming very soon for Google Play Music!
Thats means skipping tracks with your own choice of keyboard shortcuts, so no need to have the Google Play Music tab selected in Chrome.

Just checked Chrome's Canary build and sure enough, there they are! 

Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to map the dedicated music keys on my Mac keyboard to work, perhaps one of you clever folks knows how, or can clarify if this is even possible at the moment?

Thanks to +François Beaufort for the heads up ... 
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James Gregory

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Well, it sounds to have been caused by a combination of dust blown up from a sandstorm in the Sahara and pollution generated in Europe and the UK. I'm not sure the weather has helped since it seems to have been pretty settled so not really blown over, so to speak. It's been clearing today though so that's good :-)
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Software Developer and Systems Administrator
ジャムスキ, or ジャム for short.
Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred, strong in't arm, thick in't head!
(OK, the last two may not be a glowing reference for myself...!)

I'm a Ruby on Rails software developer and systems administrator by day; too many things to mention by night!

I've quite a few interests, so feel free to circle me if any of the below interest you too:
  • Android
  • Climbing & Bouldering
  • Dancing (ballroom and latin)
  • Gaming (primarily on the Xbox platform)
  • Linux
  • Ruby (on Rails and in Sinatra)
  • Singing (mostly to myself!)
  • Startup Weekend
  • Walking
  • VoIP (Asterisk and SIP)
I have other interests - I just can't think of them right now! Feel free to circle me anyway and see if you like what I share :)
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