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I'm in it for the love...
I'm in it for the love...

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Essential Oils have been the game changer for me!
Wanna learn why?
I have fallen in LOVE...
with the potency and power of Essential Oils!
Have your been curious as to how Botanical Medicine can improve your health and well being?

Are you tired of being tired? Wish to sleep better?
Balance your emotions?
Have more energy?
Remove toxins from your home?

Learn why Essential Oils are so valuable for both daily and preventative health and for addressing on-going health issues.

Come learn how to manage your moods, boost your immune system and experience the heavenly aromas of pure dōTERRA sacred plant medicine!

Join me for a FREE CLASS and let's get this party started!
Contact me today: to reserve your space. SPACE IS LIMITED.

<I will also be offering these classes this Tuesday the 13th, Wednesday the 21st & July 11th and 18th.>

Also offering ONE-on-ONE consolations via ZOOM or in person.
Let's talk!

I am PASSIONATE ABOUT spreading this good word as this has been a game changer for me in my life and in my health. This has been the missing link and the next level for my yoga practice.

Contact me today!

Log onto to:

ALSO, looking for people to join my TEAM and share these sacred oils.

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Added photos to FREE Essential Oils Class 101.

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Added photos to Calming the Nervous System: A 3 part series to Peace.

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FREE INTRO: March 14th 6 - 7 pm
3 PART SERIES = March 21, 28 & April 4th; 6 - 7:45 PM

Open to all Levels!

Calming the Nervous System: Tools for creating Balance and Peace of Mind:

Too many of us exist in an overstressed, near-continuous state of “fight-or-flight,” our overactive sympathetic nervous systems negatively affecting our moods, sleep cycles, and muscular, cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems.

In this series we will gain a practical understanding of the physiology of stress and learn highly effective yogic practices and innovative coping strategies that counteract stress and stimulate the “relaxation response.”

We’ll learn visualization and somatic relaxation techniques; meditation and breathing practices; cognitive “thought-stopping” and reframing methods to unwind the mind; and much more. Come discover how to boost your health and well-being and embrace your birthright to be relaxed and centered, whatever the external world throws your way.


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You are lovingly invited to free your soul!!!
Come meditate by the waves, chant, dive into your heart and learn self-care tools that will last a lifetime!

Click here and let's go!

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Isn't it time you cherished yourself first?
Became a loving priority in your life?
Come share a week with other tender souls remembering the power of self-care/self-love.

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of lasting reconnection.
Mark your calendars for: December 26-30 at Kripalu
And let's pause, regroup and begin again on your life journey together.

Click here now for info:

Only Love,

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Come learn about the Science of Stress in a fun and informative way and walk away with effective tools that will change your life! Turn Stress into Serenity!

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FALL IN LOVE with the purest oils on the planet!
Come learn about Sacred Plant Medicine for effective Natural Solutions for your health!!!
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