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If I got one $1 for everyone who typed QT instead of Qt in various Qt mailinglists and $2 for each time someone says Q-T instead of "cute", I could have bought an island near Baba Ramdev's island.
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How do you post the same stuff on both twitter and G+ ?
Ah never mind it's not the same post.
If desired, there is a Chrome Extension to allow you to post to both at the same time......
as if you are dying to live anywhere near Baba Ramdev :-)
Also great: When they pronounce Git as JIT. "I'm using Q-T on my Lainux machine with Jit!"
I don't see the point. Call it QT or Qt or qt or cute or cutie or CUT it doesn't matter as long as people use it and the community solves problems.
At MeeGo Conf 2011 representatives of a large Qt consulting shop told me why they call it Q-T: because saying "I use Cute" sounds childish and unprofessional. I say that being unable to properly pronounce the toolkit that you base your livelihood off of is what's unprofessional...
+Abhijit Bera take this situation - i am a professor on Relativistic Physics, yet i can't spell Albert Einstein properly. Well its doesn't affect my knowledge on relativity, but really, it does feel aweful. This is something like that :-)
+Abhijit Bera +1 ;
let me pull out a cliche , "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."" :P
+Shashank Singh +Abhijit Bera Last I checked this is not literature. And just incase you guys missed the point and the last decade, QT and Qt are different products. So saying it wrong doesn't help. It involves trademarked names if you care for such stuff. Shashank, I think you do, since you have a company. Would you be fine if I start calling your company Awaaj at all the right places?

+***** Yes, I have heard that story from you before. I know who they are :).
Yea but this is a triviality. Most people make the mistake the first time and then as you pointed out when they become experienced they learn. So how does it matter?
It matters when people actively refuse to learn. See my previous comment :-)
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