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I am currently reading Steven King's new book "11/22/63". I am not a fan of most of King's books as I have never enjoyed the "horror genera" as some people do. This one though is as if he as reached out and asked me what would you like me to write about and then covered my favorite form of science fiction.
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Not familiar with this book. So what is your "favorite form of science fiction"?
I guess when you come right down to it time travel is my favorite genera within science fiction. Beyond that I like stories related to space travel. I loved Andromeda Strain by Michael Chrichton as I have most of his other books. I like anything that involves advanced computer technology like Colossus The Forbin Project. I also just recently finished The Mote In God's Eye and enjoyed it.
Authors I love are...
Heinlein - his short stories & his longer SF novels. One favorite that many don't know about is his "The Man Who Travels in Elephants".
Asimov - Have almost all of his SF & other books on astronomy & biology. The "Good Doctor" was very diverse. If you haven't read them try his 'Foundation' series & catch up learning about "psychohistory". A good short he has is "The Last Question".
Clarke - Can't beat some of his hard SF nor what he helped contribute in area of satellites.
Niven - The title you mentioned plus others like Ringworld.

Enjoy reading most science fiction from the "Golden Age" & earlier. Will read newer SF, have a gift subscription for a SF mag & if I enjoy a short or novella might buy a novel by that author, but I keep finding myself going back to read older shorts & novels. Find it fascinating how the "older" SF authors come close & in some cases hit it right on when they tried predicting the future.
And then there is one author I can't explain why I like, Adams. Have enjoyed reading his work long before the movie was released. Guess I find his humor, humorous... lol
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