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I'm thinking about switching distributions on my main system at home to Linux Mint 11. I am currently running Ubuntu 10.04 on a desk top system and am happy with it. It is very stable and does just about everything I want to do with a computer. I'm not crazy about the direction that Ubuntu is gong with their desktop UI moving to Unity for the next major release.

I just recently installed Mint on a laptop for a friend who was trying to install Ubuntu and could not get it to recognize all the hardware. I was so impressed I installed it on a spare desktop laying around and am now considering switching entirely to Mint. Anyone out there know a good reason that I should not?
Linux Mint is an elegant, easy to use, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution.
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be warned there changing to gnome shell in a month, but their keeping support for gnome 2 for the time being
Well that is good to know. It seems that many of the environments are trying to straddle the fence between desktop and tablet. At least that is my impression. I hope Mint will continue to give users the option to run the traditional Gnome desktop if they prefer.
I LOVE MINT! Mint 11 is perfect. No problems. I think the Mint 12 is due out in November with gnome 3.
Every time I boot up my Ubuntu box, I wonder in the back of my head why I'm not using Mint :D Its a good distro, one of my favorite desktop distros.
My work laptop is a Dell D620 and I have two extra hard drives for it. I have the same edition of Ubuntu that I'm running on this box on one drive and leave the other one open for trying out different distributions. So if i have time today I think I will take the Ubuntu drive and install Mint 11 and try it out. I really think I am going to stay with Mint for the time being.
Hi Ken - I tinkered with Mint sometime ago and really liked it, except, it wouldn't recognize my Envision widescreen monitor, and wouldn't let me manually adjust the resolution. I was using the Live CD, maybe if I had done an actual install, I could have made the adjustments. Anyway, I put the CD back in the drawer. Maybe the latest versions have fixed that issue. Good luck!
P.S. I keep going back to SimplyMepis....
That is interesting. I ran Simply Mepis for a while and did like it. One of the reasons I'm considering the switch is because a few people have come to me that I gave Ubuntu disks and returned saying they couldn't get it to recognize their hardware. I gave two of them Mint disks and they came back happy. One guy couldn't get wireless to work on a laptop and another who had video problems on a desktop. I have grown to like the GUI in Ubuntu and I think Mint could be configured to look exactly like the current Gnome version of Ubuntu but I think I'm going to try it "straight out of the box" for a while.
I still want to learn ubuntu...Just no time...
That is the beauty of distributions like Ubuntu and Mint. You don't have to "learn" to use them anymore than you would have to "lean" Windows 7 if you switched from XP. Download and burn an ISO of either as they are "live" CDs and you can boot your computer from them and use Linux without having to touch your hard drive.

They won't be quite as fast if not installed on your hard drive but you can definitely get a feel for how they work and what software comes supplied with them. I switched because I got tired of fighting virus / anti virus wars and paying Microsoft for the privilege of letting me debug their next release of Windows.

Combine that with things like having multiple desk tops available which I like. Imagine using a browser these days without tabs. Or not having to reboot the system every time you install a program or update/security patches. When was the time you had a Windows desktop that did not require a reboot for over three months? The system I'm typing this on has not been powered off or restarted in 107 days. Give it a shot I think you will like it.
I have used ubuntu before but never really got into it. I need to set up a machine just for that soon.
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