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Happy Michael Bay Day! #2014DX110
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More possible Moffat Doctor Who name math/name play on The Time of The Doctor. (Which also makes the town he defended sound less hokey or maybe more?

Natasha (Tasha) = Born; Natalie=(in one variant) "Christmas Day/Born on Christmas" Natalie is a variant of Natasha and so is Anastasia which means "resurrection." Which then would mean that The Doctor technically defended a town called "Resurrection" or "Born." Which...figuratively speaking, literally happened to The Doctor.

I'm not making deity parallels here. I am just pointing out the implied wordplay.
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Oh, you wouldn't be the first to make comparisons between the Doctor and God or Jesus. +Adam Wagoner
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Adam Wagoner

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Happy Time Lord Day. (2 different years co-existing at the same time for a short while?) Quick! Call someone from the future while you still can and...wait a minute 2013...and 13th change for The Doctor. Almost missed that one. I said goodbye to 2013 by watching The Time of The Doctor a second time, without any commercials this time, and caught a lot of new stuff I missed the first time around. Without commercial breaks the timing was excellent and didn't feel rushed. I wonder what they've about to crash into? 
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Is this some kind of webisode or listing for the next series? I always find out way later about any webisodes. I'm glad I saw The Night of The Doctor though. 
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Does anyone else feel like they just watched Doctor Wat tonight instead of watching a Doctor Who Christmas special? It seemed kind of rushed or something too. And this was 50 years of a character. The 8th Doctor's peril and regeneration was better. This seemed off. Like part of it was missing or something.
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This whole episode seemed like they had spent most of their funds on Day of the Doctor although this episode had a lot of special effects too. It seems like there either was a funding problem or something though. And if it was, Doctor Who has never been about special effects, it's always been the story and caring about the characters. The only way I can see it making since with the way events were happening so fast was the concept of the illusion of time moving faster as you age ( and his last life was just going too fast for him.
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Adam Wagoner

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How the 6th Doctor got his groove back?
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Too tired to post sources.(Easily found on the Internet) Haven't seen all interviews or discussions but: Tasha is short for Natasha which is supposed to be the Russian word for Natalie. Natalie means "Christmas Day/Born on Christmas." And Lem:

Lem is... Mel spelled backwards. It can also mean "devoted to God" or it could stand for "Lunar Excursion Module" which ASTRONAUTS started using in 1969. 

Post edit (from comments): Anastasia (ressurection) is also a form of Natasha. (Or vice versa) which can also just mean "reborn" apparently.

Which roughly in a way means that "The Girl of Destiny" (see comments) which is a "devoted to; gift from God / Allah,"(see comments) "Tasha Lem", is Tasha=Natasha=Anastasia =Natalie "Christmas Day; resurrection" (of) Lem= "Mel" or perhaps Mel reborn

And #DoctorWho (original hash tag posted under just the Christmas holiday)

And thanks +Richard Parkin for some of the name meanings. 
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+J. Patrick Smith
She was reborn into a Romulan 
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I'm still coming to terms with the Matt Smith era being over. I'm going to have to go back and watch it all over again, and again. Except that the Christmas special seemed so so short for all of this, I do admit it was a fitting way to see him off. The Master always fought for more lives, as well as others, I was just hoping for it to be a slight more epic in it's delivery for the Doctor.

The whole Lost City of Kandor (shrunken/misplaced in another dimension) last Kryptonian vs the lost planet of Galifrey (placed in a pocket universe) and the last Time Lord has a few parallels and is a bit of a tv trope. (And one I realize now I've even used in my own books--not advertising, just stating a point) But like anything, if the story is written well and you care about the characters then almost any reoccurring concept can be great.

And I'm sure if we watched it all together as one (I'm sure I'm not the only one to think so) The Name of the Doctor, The Night of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor that it could be considered somewhat as one long mini-series movie which would make The Time of the Doctor not feel so rushed? With this last series disconnected we at least got somewhat of a connected story line at the end. 
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Omg: I can't wait for his movie called how to catch a monster and he looks hot and sexy
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If you cannot wait for the Doctor Who Christmas special you can always try watching Doctor Wat.
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Adam Wagoner

commented on a video on YouTube.
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This looks like it would be fun if you dropped it onto the OUYA just like this and if you included a multiplayer.
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