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What is rel=prev/next and what does it do for SEO?

In this Here's Why video you'll learn how to avoid duplicate content problems when you have multiple sequential pages about the same product category or news story.

View it at

(You'll find there also a full transcript and all links mentioned in the video)

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Does Google find new URLs via smartphone clipboards?

Smartphone apps can "read" a phone's clipboard, where the most recently copied text is stored. Could Google be using that ability to sniff out new URLs via people who have copied them?

We set up a clever test to find out!

View the results at

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The Right Way to Do an Informative SEO Audit

An SEO audit is critical to getting your site as prepared as it can be to do well in search. In this guide, learn the most crucial elements of an audit.

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Is Conference Attendance a Social Media Growth Tactic?

We say yes! Find out why in this episode of Here's Why, our entertaining and informative digital marketing video series.

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Why are content and authority sustainable competitive advantage builders?

If you want to win in business you don't need a competitive advantage. You need a sustainable competitive advantage that will be hard for your competition to replicate.

In our video find out how authority and content can help you build that!

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How badly do major ecommerce sites mess up their SEO? Pretty badly as it turns out. See what our study revealed.

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Why Thematic Campaigns Could Be Your Content Marketing Secret Weapon

Most content marketing efforts are like a movie with the mismatched characters. Thematic campaigns can help you build reputation, authority, and a consistent audience.

Find out why in our video!

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Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Yes…and no.

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Learn why mobile is your REAL digital marketing battleground in our 5 minute video.

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If you're an expert at something, why would you ever give away some of that expertise for free? Find out why in our video!
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