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Justin Barnes
A Normal Guy Trying To Live Life In An Abnormal World
A Normal Guy Trying To Live Life In An Abnormal World

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30 Day's of Intermittent Fasting: Beginning
In the previous two posts I discussed some health issues and information that I'd been working through and within those writings, I discussed the idea of trying intermittent fasting.  The idea was not just to lose weight, though I won't lie that would certa...

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Rough Week Part 2
The previous post covered my getting sick and how I related that to both the need to take the next step in training and nutrition as well as discussing the potential means and processes I'm looking at undertaking to advance my physical well-being.  I also m...

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Rough Week Part 1
For a host of reasons, the past couple weeks have been a bit rough.  While I'm not going to get into everything that's taken place, there were two events worth mentioning here.  The first is a less than stellar appointment at the Dr's office a week ago.  Th...

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Back to Social Media
After a nearly five week break, last night I signed back on to social media.  I've been hesitant to do so because frankly, I feel as though my life was improved without it but continued consideration led me to a place where I think the benefits can and will...

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I've been sitting here for the past 25 minutes trying to come up with something to write about to no avail. I've been dealing with what I believe to be an inner ear infection that's been clouding my brain and combined with the fatigue from a week of travel,...

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Entering the Fitness World
I'm not yet anywhere near approaching personal trainer status so I'm writing this from the perspective of someone who has a little knowledge about specific topics within the world of fitness, but not nearly enough to be called expert by any stretch of the i...

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Confidence Conundrum
Confidence is an amazing thing.  One minute it's flowing like a mountain snow melt river and the next it's dried up like a scorched earth scene from a dystopian novel.  Your confidence can be high regarding one subject and low to non-existent for another.  ...

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Social Media Break
A couple weeks ago I deactivated my Facebook account.  Some people were curious why and a couple even reached out asking me to rethink my decision because there, like here, I attempt to be both honest as well as positive when presenting idea's and opinions....

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Last Witness
Did the title draw you in to check out this weeks post?  Yes?  Good, but I must apologize because the subject this week is much less ominous than the title may have led you to believe.  I had to get you here somehow though because I think what I'm going to ...

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Nonsensical Musings
I have no idea exactly what today's title means.  I have 8, yes 8, posts in varying stages of writing and editing and felt this afternoon that none of them are ready to share.  Some are because I'm having trouble completing the thoughts within, some are bec...
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