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Steve Morton
Hack-of-all-Trades, Master of Nuns.
Hack-of-all-Trades, Master of Nuns.

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"Do you need to rage and tear and get all fired up, livid about this or that perceived indiscretion just to feel engaged and awake? How awful for you."

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I'd rather be in a car driven by someone who had smoked too much, rather than drank too much. The chances of actually hitting the speed limit are fairly low, for one.

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Well said, Woodrow.

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I'm reporting this from an undisclosed location.

Some excellent photographs by Linda! I love the moody imagery.

When the Fickle Finger of Fate points down
and sends you to the showers,
Don't raise your voice to curse the tide
Or you'll be there for hours.
- Burma Shave -

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Check out this excellent collection of music and help support a great cause. -->
As some of you may know, I released a solo album called "The Kindness Of Strangers" in 2010, with all proceeds going to the MS Society to help support people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Until Feb 1, this album is available as Pay What You Want ( you can even download it for free) from Bandcamp. Please help spread the word and raise money for this very worthwhile cause.

Look on my day off, ye Monday, and despair.
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