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Mom, Wife, & Business Woman
Mom, Wife, & Business Woman

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This is a great idea. I'm never in the shots either. Plus, I feel like I'm not really "with" the kids when I'm on the other side of a camera. 
Thanks for sharing with #theultimateparty ! 

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The Ultimate Party starts at 9am EST #theultimateparty  

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These were so good and healthy!
I got a little creative today when I wanted a certain snack and didn't have all of the ingredients. Check out my Sliced Apples with Brie Recipe here: 

#theultimateparty   #mommyiscoocoo   #growyourcircleshop  

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It's #wakeupwednesday ! Come join the #linkyparty  by joining in on the #bloghop ! 

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Bloggers of Google Plus V12: Wow, 12th circle already?!  You're all amazing. Make sure to add this circle to help the new bloggers grow their circle! 

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Have you heard of Milkster? They connect artists and designers with people who want to find unique items. What I really like about them is that when customers buy a product, they are involved from creation to delivery and can learn the history behind the…

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I bet this tastes great!

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Very funny!

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This is our go-to box fro when my little ones start complaining about being bored! Linking up with The Ultimate Party on Google+.  Well worth looking at the fantastic bloggers and their posts! #theultimateparty
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