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Fantasy Weapons Bumdle | Halberd
Halberd | PBR by Urbanoutdoorsman on Sketchfab  This is a halberd for a fantasy weapons bundle for the Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace. Real-time Render Final textures. Sculpt model. High poly model.

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Pilot Helmet
Pilot Helmet by Urbanoutdoorsman on Sketchfab I created this a while back for learning Substance Painter.
I was inspired by the pilot helmets in the F-35. There is a side mounted
camera to see what the pilot sees and sensors that move the targeting

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Fantasy Weapons Bundle
Fantasy Shield | PBR by Urbanoutdoorsman on Sketchfab This is a shield for a fantasy weapons bundle for the Unity Asset Store. I haven't designed or made fantasy weapons in a long time so this makes good practice. The next weapon will be a sword of course. ...

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War Wench | Gnome Miner
This is the Gnome miner from my War Wench project. I wanted to give
more personality on this one by experimenting with expressions. I am leaving her as is for now, but will more than likely add more lighting and a color pass. On to Inktober!!! Gnome Miner ...

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PWM (Piggies, Weapons, and Monster Trucks)
Picking up where I left off. These are concepts I made for the Petrol-Blood Polycount competition a buddy and myself didn't have time to finish. (Zeek) (Bacon) (Mudd Butt)   I'm going back to finish the Mud Butt vehicle and take it from highpoly model to ga...

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The first baby was born in Europe using a new IVF procedure which screens embryos to ensure that those carrying genetic code for a specific genetic disorder were not used. The child was at high risk of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a rare form of muscular dystrophy. The doctors screened all the embryos to ensure the genetic sequence for the disease was not in the embryos used for IVF. The procedure is now available on the NHS.

The baby's mother said:
“I obviously worry, like all mother’s, but now I worry about normal things. I know for sure that he is not only free of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease but also other illnesses."

For more information about IVF, and the animal research behind it, read here:

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I don't usually do Kickstarter, but when I do it's Crowfall.
Some colleagues of mine are working on a pretty unique title with industry veterans, the people behind KOTOR and Ultima to name a few.
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