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Compassionate, Creative, Pensive, Eclectic, Friendly, Faithful, Quiet, Peaceful, Geeky, Intellectual
Compassionate, Creative, Pensive, Eclectic, Friendly, Faithful, Quiet, Peaceful, Geeky, Intellectual

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Trump's probably going to tweet this "failing nyt" story...

Clashes in Stockholm Suburb Draw Attention to Trump’s Remarks

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😯 #TetrisMassacre

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NOW they decide to do this...huh. 🤔

*Milo Yiannopoulos' controversial book is canceled.*

In a terse statement released Monday afternoon, the right-wing provocateur's publisher said: "After careful consideration, Simon & Schuster and its Threshold Editions imprint have canceled publication of Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos."

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Someone's optimistic. Surprise us, President Trump.

Member of Federal Election Commission pleads Trump to embrace campaign finance reform in her resignation letter

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China Unable To Recruit Hackers Fast Enough To Keep Up With Vulnerabilities In U.S. Security Systems #TheOnion

“With new weaknesses in U.S. networks popping up every day, we simply don’t have the manpower to effectively exploit every single loophole in their security protocols,” said security minister Liu Xiang, who confirmed that the thousands of Chinese computer experts employed to expose flaws in American data systems are just no match for the United States’ increasingly ineffective digital safeguards.

“We can’t keep track of all of the glaring deficiencies in their firewall protections, let alone hire and train enough hackers to attack each one. And now, they’re failing to address them at a rate that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The gaps in the State Department security systems alone take up almost half my workforce.”

_At press time, Liu confirmed that an inadequate labor pool had forced China to outsource some of its hacker work to Russia._

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This is interesting. The debate over Section 48A is still going on. #India

Deepika Bhardwaj: The woman who fights for men's rights

"It was a law made with very noble intentions," agrees Ms Bhardwaj. "But a law that was made to save lives, has taken many lives."

Ms Bhardwaj is not alone in her criticism. Over the years, Section 498A has acquired the reputation of being the "most abused law in the history of Indian jurisprudence".

With cases of divorce in India steadily rising, campaigners say that disgruntled women, aided by unscrupulous lawyers, routinely misuse the law to harass their husbands and their relatives.

It has also been questioned by the Supreme Court with one judge describing its misuse as "legal terrorism", warning that it was "intended to be used as a shield and not as an assassin's weapon", and the National Commission for Women expressing concerns over its misuse.

As the law prescribes the immediate arrest of those named in a complaint, 2.7 million people, including 650,000 women and 7,700 children, were arrested between 1998 and 2015. The accused in some of the cases were as young as two years old and, in a particularly bizarre case, a two-month-old baby was hauled into a police station.

Perturbed by such reports, in July 2014, the Supreme Court ordered the police to follow a nine-point checklist before arresting anyone on a dowry complaint.

The documentary, which took four years to complete, has powerful first-person accounts from men who have been falsely accused under the anti-dowry law - from husbands who spent years in jail only to be acquitted later by courts; from the parents of young men who killed themselves unable to bear the harassment and ignominy of being labelled wife-abusers; a tearful video message from a husband recorded minutes before he hanged himself; and a suicide note from a young banker questioning the "one-sided law".

We also hear from a retired Delhi high court judge who says the law is often "used as a leverage to settle scores"; a former Indian law minister who admits to the failure of governments to deal with the "abuse of this law"; one women's rights activist who believes the law must be amended; while a second insists that "cases of misuse are few" and the law must remain unchanged to protect women from dowry abuse.

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ESA Affirms Open Access Policy for Images, Videos, and Data

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Hope someone builds an animated tv/comic series on this idea.

Something like Bojack Horseman - with Fruits & Vegetables. 🤔
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