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The accuracy and speed at which octopuses can change their skin color and texture are extremely interesting for neuroscience. This implies a symmetric system of perception-representation with a physical representation space. They do not merely represent their surrounding internally, but they represent it physically with their skin, as shown in this transformation.

In the deep learning field, we would say this is a great example of an autoencoder.
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schlafanzyk 6 months ago shared
 get rid of homeopathy (idiot medicine), astrology (idiot meteorology), scientology/religion (idiot philosophy/ethics) - and the lottery (idiot tax) while we're at it.
those are the major exploiters of the sick, poor, weak and uneducated.
Science knows it doesn't know everything; otherwise, it'd stop. But just because science doesn't know everything doesn't mean you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairy tale most appeals to you.

"The great thing about homeopathy is that you can't overdose on it." Well, you could fucking drown!

Right now I would take homeopaths and I'd put them in a big sack with psychics, astrologers and priests. And I'd close the top of the sack with string, and I'd hit them all with sticks. And I really wouldn't be bothered who got the worst of the belt of the sticks.

Anyone, in answer to the difficult questions in life, the "I don't know what happens after I die" or "What happens if my loved ones die?" or "How can I stop myself dying?", the big questions, who gives you an easy bullshit answer, and you go "Well, do you have any evidence for that?" and they go "Ah, there is more to life than evidence", get in the fucking sack.

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Tushara Vas originally shared to Neuroscience (Behavioral Neuroscience):
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Biology originally shared to Science on Google+ (Science News (Pop Sci)):
A perfect teamwork

Recent study at the Weizmann Institute of Science shows how ants cooperate to move large food to their nest. Ants change each other every 10-20 seconds. Interesting that only few ants know right direction and steer the group moving while other members determine the speed. This model describes relationships between individuality and conformism in social animals. Dr. Ofer Feinerman: "In this system, the wisdom does not come from crowds. Rather, some individuals supply the 'brains', and the role of the group is to amplify the 'muscle' power of savvy individuals so that they can actually move the load."
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How does that 3-pound lump of electrochemical jelly inside your head form, store and recall an apparently infinite number of memories? This is one of the most enduring mysteries of neuroscience and an endless source of fascination for those investigating how the brain works. But despite years...
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