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Illustrator (scribblegraph) & photographer

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Here's the #LiveSketch  event broadcast with #Hangoutwe  ran tonight. HUGE amount of fun with some amazingly talented illustrators. Hope you enjoy it!

p.s. #HappyBirthday  +Steph Doyle

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If you're up late in Australia, or want something fun to do around lunch time in the states, come check out some live drawing with the incredible +Mary C., Mar Mai of the Dragon Tutor, and a few other legendary names. They've invited me along as the comic relief:)
I have been invited to live-draw with a phenomenally talented fleet of artists/illustrators later on tonight, broadcasting on #HangOuts.

EST: 1:00PM (UTC -5 Hours) New York etc
AWST: 2:00AM (UTC +8 Hours) Perth

If you want to say hello to everyone and join in the fun, please come along!

I'll be up drinking coffee until then - say hi! @scribblegraph (twitter)

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Hope you enjoy this illustration =) •

I'm enjoying having a few hours to draw again!
"Wood" for #illustrationFriday

...Firstly, I HATE that they broke the Google Plus High Density Bing Machine. I hear it muttered in dark places that Google+ is being slowly decommissioned and that really makes me sad. It has always been a great place to share illustration. These days, I'm most active on my own website and on Twitter. Say hello there, I love chatting while I scribble. Anyway, about this scribble »

“Wood” • for illustration Friday, week of April 15-21. Copic MultiLiner SP 0.05 & 0.1 on Arches 300GSM 100% cotton. This week’s theme evoked a strong image in my mind and I decided to get involved in the weekly challenge. Trees and water are two of my favourite things to draw, perhaps because they’re two of my favourite things in life. I could quite happily live in a tree house out in a forest somewhere, far off the grid – and spend my days in a nearby ocean with fish to talk to and a kraken for a guard dog.

The more I get out and actually look at the world, the less of it there is to see. I have to travel a long way from my little home to take my kid out to see real forest. Near me, it’s all being torn down with the spread of the great ‘urban sprawl‘. There’s not a decent climbing tree with coo-ey, and there’s certainly nowhere I’d be able to teach her how to successfully hunt insects just to see what they’re all about. All the stuff I had available to me as a kid: it was marvellous. And unless you live half way to nowhere, it’s just plain gone now.

As for the rabbits in this illustration: you can come to your own conclusions about their story. If you have one, I’d love to hear it. I just don’t think it is the kind of material that will make a kids’ book.

Anyway, this is what I saw when I read the word “wood” this week, and here it is. Flea says I should put a bit of watercolour on this one, but I’m undecided. I think I’ll go sleep on it:) I’ve been unwell for nearly a week now. That is properly unlike me and I’m so tired of it. I’m off back down the rabbit hole for a nap.

#illustration #Copic #drawing #LineArt

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Her Dark Materials - Flea's Daemon: The Hippopotamoose. :)


What does your daemon look like?


Recently, we were packing to head over east on a little holiday and Flea needed a book. She had recently caught up to where Robin Hobb has left the Farseer series and asked me for something new. I suggested she follow Robin Hobb with Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials, and she is devouring it. She now has a strong desire to meet her daemon… haven’t we all:)

So we spent some time discussing what our daemon’s would look like... (read more:

#illustration #ArtLine #HisDarkMaterials +Yoon-Mi Kim 

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Launch: T minus 5, 4, 3...

Well, it's SUPER soon. And we're excited:) Want to get involved? We'd love that:)

Hi there! Our website will be launching very shortly - in fact, we're expecting a launch date announcement from the top office within the next hour. We're all about quality, dynamic web design processes, and we're looking forward to sharing it all with you.

Our topic for our first series will be writing & content creation - such a huge issue for so many businesses trying to maintain a solid presence on the web. We've got some fantastic examples of the small guys leading the way with great ideas (and some examples of how not to do things).

We're offering limited promotional or advertising space on our site - to find out more, get in touch here or via Twitter

Can't wait to share what's happening behind the scenes! ^AN

#WebDesign #Website #Design #SEO
Animated Photo

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Bee & Sunflower #Photography

I'm predicting a very hot Christmas day in #Perth - Are you all ready for the holidays? Are all your presents wrapped?

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A flower for her hair.

+Yoon-Mi Kim #Photography #SamSung

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"Whale of a lie" •
Copic multiliners & Derwent Graphitint watercolours on cotton.

With the waxing & waning of tools and options on Google plus, it seems there is no more 'Google Plus High Density Bing machine' - circles that I can alert to new posts. Or it's possible I just can't find where they've moved it to.

I'd love to learn more about Google+ 'collections' so I can better share scribblegraph stuff here. It seems to have become quite different with all the changes around here:) Does anyone know how I find a decent, concise primer?
Whale of a
Nice, short sharable link: (please share)

“Tasty science-meat!
The Antarctic Minke-treat!
Japanese Research.”

I utterly abhor this continued charade that the Japanese are whaling in our oceans in an effort to advance science; it is a ridiculously transparent fabrication. The Japanese are a highly intelligent people. They are formidable world leaders in fields of research and technologies. To imagine they have not already learnt all they can from a whale corpse beggars belief. Either their research scientists aren’t at all cut out of the fine fabric they’ve lead us to believe all these years, or there is another purpose behind this whale slaughter.

#Whaling #Haiku #Japan #AusPol #Australia #Science
+The Economist +Greenpeace Australia Pacific +Greenpeace International +LiveScience

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Celebrating the announcement of the DH-8 Fleet, you can now download your free wallpaper here »

With ♥ from +scribblegraph & +DreamHost
To tie in with the recent announcement ( of the DH-8 Fleet, DreamHost have approved the release of the DH-8 wallpaper! =) Download it quickly before someone changes their minds.

As always, wallpapers are free from my site. There is a donate button down the bottom there somewhere if you want to help me out with loose change for hosting, corkage & cheese supplies ♥

You can download your wallpaper here »

@113436122987894896971  #wallpaper   #free   #download   #illustration  

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Hope you enjoy this one =) •

Alpha Fleet Mk DH-8 Rep Class Support Droid •

This was illustrated for the +DreamHost team to say thanks for featuring me in their Customer Spotlight  » - There might be a wallpaper coming, I'll let you know what happens!

The DH-8 Support Class Rep Droid Alpha Fleet is a premium solution offering from DreamHost that directly addresses the needs of the modern website. Technology has come along rapidly and, with the advent of the fully self-aware website, there is a need for a full suite of services available to them at any time. More:

#illustration #droid  
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