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Dennis Van Staalduinen (DenVan)
Corporate storyteller. I make complicated stuff simple.
Corporate storyteller. I make complicated stuff simple.

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Wait. Can anyone explain how to make a comment on G+?!?! +Amanda Quraishi perhaps?!? I was trying to comment on your post, but couldn't find a simple way to do it. 

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Because. Dinosaur space-pirate clown-king.

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Worth a look! Thanks +Shelly Kramer 
5 Tips To Become The Innovator Of Your Industry

Regardless of what type of industry you're in, more than likely, you've already noticed the advancing competition. Although more and more businesses are trying to innovate and expand their customer base, there are things you can do to stand out from the crowd and establish you and your business as an industry leader.

1. Incorporate Innovate Products Into Your Business Plan

Do market research and see what products people are looking for in your industry.
It's important to strive to be a leader in your field rather than to be the one following the crowd. If you're a travel agent, perhaps you can offer personalized services or tours when customers reach their destination. Anything that adds extra value, meets the customers' needs in a unique way, and puts your business ahead of the competition can be an excellent strategy to position your company as a trusted leader in your industry.

Of course, it's not just great, cutting edge products that you need to offer; you also need to be providing your customers with exceptional content that is at the forefront of your industry. As a leader, your innovative content will be the buzz in your industry, setting you up as the expert in your field. If you want to make a difference, your content and products need to be at the cutting edge of what consumers are looking for.

#Infographic courtesy of:  +Lab42

#business   #businesstips   #innovation  

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Interesting. I want these on Twitter and Facebook!

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Hmm. Useful area for analysis. But I found the article  a bit confusing and lacking analysis of WHY these things perform poorly... 
4 Lessons from BuzzFeed’s Worst Headlines
on +Convince & Convert blog by +Andrea Lehr 

#DidYouKnow : A great headline is pivotal in piercing through the #digital noise. With the right wording, it can increase traffic by 500 percent. 

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