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Garden Party

I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends
          A chance to share old memories and play our songs again
                                                                               Rick Nelson

Here's a line-up of some common characters at the birdbath and feeders in our yard.  American Goldfinches and House Finches. 

For the  #breakfastclub  - curated by +Gemma Costa & +Andrea Martinez; #plusphotoextract   

Prints available on my photo blog:
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Great capture Bill!  We mostly just get the little brown birds but once or twice a week the gold finch come by.
love the fact that the birds and the flowers are the same colour! plant some purple and blue ones next year ;)
Thats a nice photo, Depth od field is cool, the colour, like it all
the second from the left: "You bastards, why did nobody tell me this was a fancy dress thing?"
nice photo , a nature is always beautiful, 
this is really pretty :)
Su Ja
Its amazing
Seth Ji
Really goooooood photo
i like all the aparrows can i take plz
Amazing and pleasant
Har samundar gahera nahi hota,
Har heera chamkdar nahi hota,
Yaar zara sambhalkar pyar karna
kyu ki har khubsurat chahera wafadar nhi hota..
i dont even find a word in describing this pic really !!
ovde se ne zna ko je gori od ovih"raibow" fotografa( NICE!!!)
I was visiting my grandpa on father's day, and we watched as a house finch came to the bird bath for a drink. They are lovely birds, but not originally a resident of the eastern U.S. They were introduced in the 1940's.
Wow ! What a Beautiful,colorful Birds Party ! ! ! Lovely !
oh      '''''''''''''''''''''''good your think about your past;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Nice pictures...kind of rare as well..
Ki Wi
the first one says to the last one, can we jump into it, and turn into red?
what a wonderful creation
realy lovely, I like matched colors of back with birds
AWESOME those birds look colorful... nice picture
Why can't we all get along like this? Much to learn from all relations!
nice of you...
i love it...tnx
i like bird . and the pic is cooooooooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent photo technically and composition wise 
Discussing the mornings news?
Are the birds real? It's a beautiful picture.
sorry to disturb the image but it reminds me of angry birds :D
One of theis thing are not like outher,One of things dosent belong.
That's the best group bird bath picture ever!
hop u dont mind if i join u and u friends....;-)
this picture says:after some years we are meet guys.  so we have to celebrate cheeeeerce............................! is good photo
AAp ne to old friends yaad dila diye.. Gud evening party mubark
Nature is the good painter! See, how nicely these birds look.
I agree with you Gopalan. The real  Painter  is the Nature...
such a perfect photo, this is great. nice focus and the colors are just breathtaking:) wow!
Great picture as always thanks .
Beautiful, seems they come for the paty too.
Two male gold finches, two male and one female house finches... Great !!! 
Wow! The most beautiful pic. i ve ever seen
wow thats so cute and so pretty they lined up againt the flower colors
munju s
In the meantime yo take your bath and I'll take mine.
surely sum1 has ritely said,,nthng is beautiful than soothing and beauutifullll...!
So beautiful !!! Hello from Dominican Republic
i luv anything to do with nature.......cuuuuute
I love it!!!  So beautiful and tranquil.  Thank you for sharing!
loooooo! no words 4 this heavenly beauty.thanks Bill
Guys I think we need bathing cause tonight we got a party.....
"ovde se ne zna ko je gori od ovih"raibow" fotografa( NICE!!!)....ili kritičara.colourful-less
yes.. it is very beautiful picture i like it too 
i like it its very creative
Beautiful that the colors of the birds correspond with the bg colors!
Thank you, +Milena Ilieva - Just happened to see your comment - too many on this one to keep up. :)
+Bill Pevlor I can tell you are in the "what's hot " section for today...  Lovely image! :)
very color full  grate picture
I just love this photo! The simplicity & beauty of little birds. God does take care of the little birds in the field. 
Love the colors and the sharing moment....L.O.L.
ﺳﺒﺤﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﺠﻤﻴﻞ

Lovely and beautiful!They are lucky to be birds,no pain。
Nice shot! Excellent timing to catch that!
Those are very pretty birds!  What kinds are they?
Pics of the month.great pic. Look like the birds having a good conversation 
+Hannah Eckerman -  Yellow ones are American Goldfinches. The three others are House Finches - the redish ones are males. 
You must have a lot of patience and love nature to take photos like that.
The birds are actually having a top secret meeting to plan the destruction of mankind.
good birds sitting so corner
md.k H
wao so nice
Absolutly beautifil :-) Magic
Put them each in a tux and they become the Rat Pack of Birds
These living creatures are fantastic!!
These birds teach us how to combine each other.
Wow...Such a moment! The Variety...Amazing Photo!
کارنامه ۳۲ساله انقلاب اسلامی:
۲ سال بازرگان و بنی صدر... ستون پنجم آمریکا و اسرائیل
۸ سال میرحسین و کروبی... از عوامل استکبار و سران فتنه
۸ سال رفسنجانی... ریشه فتنه
۸ سال خاتمی... همدست سران فتنه
۶ سال احمدی نژاد... جریان انحرافی
نتیجه =========> از ابتدای انقلاب تا حالا عوامل بیگانه کشور را اداره کرده اند
منتظر پاسخ دوستان هستم

That's so cute. Love the bird bath also.
This pic makes me remember the song with same title
if i was one of the birds in this pic id definitely be the one on the leftest. guys, im a japanese of course yellow and short 
what this fag talking about some kind of bs nobody cares about 
Ooooo I like it. Birds are so pretty!
its so natural.luv it wr cn we find dis nw a days
how is this even possible. 
I love how the flowers in the background match the colorful birds. Very pretty
how do you get a picture like that. they woldn't stay still.
Akward moment there lol
That's how people of different races should act toward each other. They should be able to do the same things and not be commented upon
I haven't seen goldfish in my life and you took a picture for five of them can you imagine my feelings
beautiful, many  song birds are getting  very scarce.
the first thing that popped into my head when i saw this was angr birds.
i looooooove birds so much! they are awesome and beautiful
U knw today I decided I wouldn't post on google today.. Just look. And of course u see something as breath taking and special as this U JUST CANT RESIST! Oh my!! 
Such an equisite feast to the eyes! :)
Singing barbershop - Lyda Rose, oh, Lyda Rose....
Thank you so much to each one of you for the tremendous response to this image.  I feel the love! :)
The One thing in this Whole world You cant take Away is the Beauty of Nature, It can only Be Destroyed by the World .
+kimberly johnson - There was never more than three at the birdbath at one time.  I added a couple from another shot to fill out the scene.  Thanks for your comment/question. :)
beautifull how did you do it.
That's creation and free of Mind.......
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