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Hi! (:
Hi! (:

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E.L.F. Cosmetics Eerste Indruk || Review
H allo mensen!! Super lang geleden alweer, I know. Ik vind het zelf ook ontzettend vervelend dat ik nog amper tijd heb om aan mijn hobby's te besteden, waaronder bloggen. Maar ik probeer gewoon rustig aan te doen, en niet helemaal mijn blog op zij te zetten...

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🎆Oudjaarsdag (New Year's Eve) || Make-up Look🎆
H oi hoi! Vandaag is mijn allereerste post in het Nederlands! En niet zomaar een post, maar mijn favoriete soort post: Een make-up look :D Jawel, het is bijna 2017! (Help, I'm not ready yet!) Dit jaar ging zo ongelooflijk snel voorbij! Niet normaal. Anyways...

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❄ Photography and Update || Life ❄
H i guys! As you've probably noticed (or not..), I have been absent for a while now. I haven't posted anything on my blog, and that while last year I posted a blog post every day in December. Why have I been so absent, you ask? Well, simply because I just d...

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🍂 Fall Vibes || Makeup Tutorial 🍂
H ello! I am sorry that it has been so long! But I'm back, finally (: Here is a little Fall makeup tutorial for you. I am totally not like a makeup artist, but I thought this look turned out pretty well. Even though I don't think this is tutorial-worthy con...

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Am I Still Alive? || UPDATE
H ellloo guys! Yes, I am still alive. I think. Anyways, I am so sorry for the lack of posts these past days :O I haven't posted anything these past weeks because of school. I have my exams this week (and also last week). It just takes a lot of time studying...

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🎃 EASY Halloween Galaxy Makeup Tutorial 🎃
Heeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo, (Say that in like a scary voice, it's cool). Welcome to this very awesome Halloween themed blog post! Unfortunately, in my country, we don't celebrate Halloween. But that doesn't stop me from being absolutely obs...

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🍂 Night Routine || Fall Edition 🍂
H i guys! Today I am showing you my night routine fall edition! So fall is for me all about getting cozy and warm and just relaxing. I hope you enjoy reading! Let's get on with this post! (: Night Routine Fall Edition I live for scented candles haha! Can yo...

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🍂 Fall Makeup look || MOTD 🍂
H ello!  I am sorry that I haven't posted in a while! But today I am going to show you the makeup I wore today, which is a very cute fall look!! Golden brown lips and dark burgundy/purple-ish lips! Before I start: I am sorry for the shitty photos and shitty...

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► 5 Cute Short Hairstyles || Hair
H i, guys! Yes, I did. I cut my hair! It took me a lot of self-convincing that it was going to be fine, that my hair wasn't my life, etcetera. Anyways, I finally decided to just go for it, and I am so glad I did! I am so incredibly happy with my hair! And t...

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Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foudation || Review
H i, guys! Today I am going to review a budget foundation! I've heard a lot about this foundation and wanted to try it out myself! When it comes to picking out the right foundation and the right color, I am not a pro. In fact, I always seem to pick the wron...
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