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Is Alesha's ability an activated ability, a triggered ability, or both?

Rules question: how does Athreos' ability interact with my opponent having hexproof?

Would making a second Alesha EDH deck make me a bad person? This one would be modular themed.

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Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora decklists have been spoiled! It looks worth buying, especially since Mother of Runes is supposed to have new art

Alright everybody I'm going to build a janky Erebos reanimator commander deck and I'm looking for suggestions as to what I should run. So, suggestions?

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Stitcher Geralf costume for this weekend's Grand Prix!

Is anyone going to be at GP San Jose this weekend?

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Alesha is the first canonically transgender character in Magic and that makes me so happy!

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My prerelease was fun, even though I went 3-1. I got Kolaghan as my promo, and then pulled a second Kolaghan, an Icy Blast, A Torrent Elemental, a foil Alesha, and not one but two Atarkas.
I built a great little Mardu deck for myself, but finished round 1 quickly enough to build a Temur deck also, to account for the possibility of facing slower decks.
I won round 1 and lost 2 and 3, as did the friend I'd arrived with. Optimistically, we agreed that if we both won our last round, we'd play pack wars with our singular prize packs. We went to look at the pairings for round 4 and... we'd been paired with each other. I had a quick finish in game 1 but lost games 2 and 3.

Notable bits:

Winning a game with nothing but two dashed Goblin Heelcutters. Turns out, Heelcutter is really good in this format.

Casting Alesha twice, only to have it countered the first time and killed the second time.

Getting Reality Shift and Formless Nurturing in my Ugin's Fate Booster.

Having an opponent concede to Atarka.

After reading the Planeswalker's Guide to Fate Reforged, it looks like Tasigur, the Golden Fang is actually just Joffrey Lannister.
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