By design, the Internet is filled with words, photos, graphics and other materials, and it takes a lot of people to generate it. In fact, it seems that there's so much writing and so little "doing." Writing about something rather than doing something is apparently much easier—and you don't have to go outdoors. So it's always nice to see someone on-line who is actually active, out there, getting it done. One person who is all over the place is Eric Kim, who area of expertise is street photography and evangelizing it around the world. He's everywhere! He's posting photos, making interview videos with fellow street photographers, giving classes and exploring his craft. I'm not sure how he does it. And my other shout-out to a real worlder is, a N. California-based firm for…well, renting lenses. First, I have no idea how this business model works. You send out a $2,000 lens to someone, they use it carefully and send it back…and undamaged. How is that possible? Anyway, their blog is so real-world in photo gear. With scores or hundreds of each camera or lens model, they know exactly what works and what doesn't, what gear is ill designed or easily damaged, and which is high quality. They don't rely on studio tests or some testing machine. It's the real world. And we need more "real" on the Web.
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