Maybe it's that I've always been a map guy, or because I'm older and am used to be less dependent upon technology. For either or both reasons, the current "Mapplegate" brouhaha is overblown in my mind. I certainly recognize the missing and incorrect information presented in Apple's version of its mapping app for iOS 6. It's clear that any global map data project is an enormous undertaking, must be precise, and that corrections and collection never ends. Any new mapping application can never be 100% complete or correct. And that's where Apple is now. Given that, users must realize that they should never completely rely on a mapping app for their location or directions. When traveling, you must understand where you are, which direction you're facing and where you need to go. In the current tech era, e-map users seem to be blindly following whatever directions they printed out, without looking up to see that there's an obstruction in the way. There have been several notable incidents of people relying on GPS directions, only to end up in serious trouble. And perhaps more obvious, we have all come to expect perfection from Apple for every aspect of their business, raising the bar way too high for something like mapping. It just can be for maps. So, help a company out—press that "Report a problem" button from with iOS 6 maps and enter a correction.
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