For the record, yes, I have read both last summer's and today's article posted on Gizmodo (go find it) that purports to document scandalous, criminal and rude behavior by Apple retail store employees. I'm neither surprised or dismayed by any of the claims. I've come to recognize that the range of human behavior on this planet is enormous. There are people who will kill for no reason and, thankfully, people who will also save lives without recognition. That's just human nature working. However, if the stories are true, what DOES surprise me are the number of people who are willing to admit to being destructive, intrusive, ridiculing and uncaring. Their behavior goes way beyond the issue of employee conduct, Apple or not. Instead, it's an issue of human misbehavior that can only be described as anti-social psychopathy. The issue isn't employment. Instead it's: Who would want to befriend, marry or otherwise associate with people who are so disrespectful of property and people? Of course, my personal curiosity also raises the question of how these people became this way, and how did they slide past Apple's employment screening. Either way, it's a sad situation. Now, as for Gizmodo publishing such a story—it's pretty weak journalism, even from my amateur stand-point. There's no unverified information, anonymous sources, no background or perspective, no reporter's questions of the sources. They just post some bizarre behavior on a Web site and call it a story. Overall, a very sad and sour situation.
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