Perhaps the holidays are a good time to ponder the essence of companies and the places where we all do business. Are they simply grinders of work or can they be contributors to a positive lifestyle? Being an Apple retail store enthusiast, I think the answer is the latter, of course. But not every company can and does contribute to something positive. Yet, there's good news. First, BorrowLenses does something pretty simply—you…borrow…lenses. But when they received a nice letter from a customer, an employee was touched and then wonder, "What if we…?" The result didn't change the world, but it sure has generated some smiles. And second, hosting company Rackspace provides some routine services. But someone there also thought, "What if we…?" So they produced a holiday video, AND they're donating money to charities based on the number of unique views they receive. Nice gesture, so watch and raise some money at:
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