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Nicola Finch
Onward ever onward.
Onward ever onward.
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February 10th, 1917 Letter #54 "Getting into air raids"
FEB 10th, 1917 Granville Can Host Ramsgate Kent England Dear Mother             Just a line to
say that I received the parcel and about 20 letters this am and say that pipe
is sure a dandy looks funny to see a 20 cent a day soldier sporting a regular
pipe a...

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January 31st, 1917 Letter #53 'Rumours of being wounded'
January 31, 1917 Granville Can Host Kent England Dear Mother           Say when are you going
to write by Gosh I have not had any word from you for a month of Sundays.  What do you know about me being wounded in
the naval raid, my friend in Buxton heard fro...

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January 29, 1917 Letter #52 'In the Operating Room'
Postmark Jan 29th 1917 Granville Can Hosp Kent England Dear Mother I have not received a word from any of you since the latter part of November. I guess there will be all your back mail arrive some of these days as you see I have been on the move constan...

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February Woods for your Touch Wood Ring
We humans have always had strong ties to trees. Native Americans speak of trees as 'The Standing People'; rocks and boulders are "the bones of the earth". Trees of every description have carved themselves into our mythologies in an enduring way. Many of the...

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Touch Wood ~ Across the Pond
Every day we receive emails from people all over the world. Old friends and new. Every day I am touched by the loving, caring people who take the time to write to us; to inquire about a Touch Wood Ring and to tell us about themselves, their lives and their...

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December 18, 1916 Letter #51 "The Joke's on Me"
C.A.M.C Training School Dibgate Camp Shorncliff England Envelope Dec 18 th , 1916 Dear Mother I am just awaiting orders to transfer to a
medical depot to dispense and expect to leave here in the course of the next
day or so it will be a decent climate but I...

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December 11, 1916 Letter #50 from Shorncliff, England
C.A.M.C Training School Dibgate Camp Shorncliff England Dec 11th 1916 Dear Mother Just received your letter this a.m. and needless to say I was delighted
to hear from you.  You were asking me
about this money too, well I have had several letters from differ...

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"The most beautiful proposal ... "
Todd and I started our conversations in August of this year.  He talked about being drawn to our work and wanting to create the perfect ring for the love of his life.  Todd was so warm and an absolute delight to work with! A genuinely good soul and a true r...

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Kindred Spirits and their Wooden Rings
A couple of notes from new friends and kindred spirits; Danielle and Brandon of Virginia "Thank you so much for your beautiful craftsmanship and for your friendly spirit. We have really enjoyed receiving your email updates with beautiful landscape photos. Y...

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Mulberry Serviceberry Cherry and Chokecherry
Do you have a small branch of wood you'd like to wear? :) Here are some examples of branches folks sent to David  and the rings he created from their woods. Mulberry, Apple and Oak Woods above Mulberry Ring with Apple and Oak inlays  That's Kathy and Val's ...
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