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...... I logged into G+ for the first time in a few days & everything is different. I don't like it. It was cleaner the other way.
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Where've you been, anyway? The NC trip was in June I thought!
It is. Just got distracted elsewhere. :) (Tumblr & starting a new exercise routine + trying to get back on track. I lost 5 pounds. I'm fine if I don't find them again)
ugh +1 - just logged in too - how gross :)
Woot, it's really not just me then :P

And yet, as much as I may not like it, it doesn't have me cancelling my G+ like Facebook's scrolling thing in the upper right corner combined with their timeline announcement. I was off Facebook in days. Lesser of 2 evils maybe?
As Koz keeps irritatingly pointing out, it's aesthetic changes, not functional ones... So generally less likely to offend than FB's
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