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Does anybody know if there's a way to correct the location that G+ determines for you if it is wrong?
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Delete post and try again? ;) Um, it may be how your phone is set up to identify location. If you're using cell towers it won't be that accurate sometimes. Try changing your settings to GPS location and then delete post and retry.
It's not on my phone. It's using my IP address. The NOC is in a different town altogether, about 13 hours drive from me. I was just hoping I could manually correct it to show Kigoma instead of Mwanza. Mwanza is ugly. Kigoma is beautiful. Just sayin'
Ahhh... gotcha. Sorry amigo, haven't played around with that feature or explored any "plug-ins" or anything that enhances it. If I come across something, I'll let you know.
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