I see how epidemic scale cancer is good for the growth economy. How everyone spending $250K or more to wrestle with their cancer is just another step along the consumer's cradle-to-grave conveyor. And I see how war is good for the economy; arms and ammo are almost the perfect commodity: You have to replace them whether they got used or not. And if you give or sell them to someone, their enemies have to figure a way to buy some too, to remain 'enemies' instead of becoming mere 'subjects'. And if you are selling war machines to both sides, you can probably hire your friends to rebuild what you hired their friends to blow up. And I see how planned obsolescence is critical to the consumer economy.

But I do not see how mass starvation furthers anyone's objectives, unless there are resources under them that need to be exploited ... and they are simply in the way. The caption on the 12th image is particularly interesting ...


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