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Once upon a time, I said: "Google+ is like a house party without alcohol. Everyone is just standing around. Waiting."

Update: it's improving. A lot. Things are happening. NOW.

My statement about Google+ not being a party yet, was written exactly 32 days ago. I signed up about 70 days ago. Until recently hours, Google+ was a closed down invite-only community (with only 25 million unique visitors the first month, see the picture below, how long time it took for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to reach 25 million unique visitors compared to Google+).

When digging down into the subject, I must ask you: Really, why shouldn't Google have a social media of their own?
Firstly, you have to understand how big Google really is. This is the key part of this post. Visit this link to see stats comparing servers with giant world wide companies (Google VS Facebook VS Intel VS AT&T etc). Really exciting.

Nowadays when social media is getting more and more essential world wide, and it's a proven interesting user experience business; Google would be very dumb if not trying to get into this business - Because Google has everything what's needed to jump into this line of business. Hang on, it's getting really exciting.

In Sweden great social communities have been highly risen out of nowhere the last 10 years. Then... communities that seemed to have it all, just died one-two years later. Ghost town. Each time, each social community has just been ALL ABOUT: a big interesting and active audience. Without a big interesting and active audience, they have all simply just died.

Firstly, ask yourself: How many people have visited before?
The most of these people (approximately about 99 % of all Internet users) will probably sign up when they realize "Your searches will become even better if you do have people you know and trust in who are PLUSing/recommending websites for you".

Once again, realize, Google+ is now open for everybody. This is no longer an invite-only community.

Yes, Facebook just released their subscribe feature. That could be an interesting part of the Google+ fight, however, they will probably need a lot of more. Both Google and Facebook knows that Google has so much more to offer than Facebook, that's why Facebook will offer a huge makeover Now on Thursday: Thanks +David G. Larson for this link.

In future, leveraging social media to reach out and share the most intriguing content, will probably become an human right. Google knows this. Google is by far not stupid. The last years, Google has probably not been going around, waiting. They have probably prepared a big world wide future interesting party, which just opened up for everybody.

Update: This post got me quoted in Washington Posts - One of the Leading source for news in America. Read more here:
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I love this. Really. I totally agree. Thanks.
Do we really want the "open bar" crowd? Of the past two dozen or more Circle notifications I've reciprocated on maybe 4. Maybe.
Marketers and snapshot fanatics.
I completely agree. Hopefully now that Google is opening Google+ up to everyone, we can get some more people in here. Unfortunately, with the recent changes to Facebook, I fear that Google+ may be opening its doors too late....
And I love the graph. It really demonstrates the potential of Google+ and the power a big name like Google has on the internet. I just hope they can convert that power into actual users.
Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems like it's not many ppl understanding the recent Facebook changes yet. Facebook will probably stay as a very stable community for a long time, I mean, half of the Swedish population is Online on Facebook each month, that's enough proof for me
+Anton Perlkvist is Tumblr hot Sweeden and the rest of Europe? It recently passed in popularity, but it is hard to tell where the audience is located. North American's can be ignorant to these trends.
Do the population of North America use Tumblr a lot?
As a social media true addicted user, I'm a member of Tumblr: however, almost none of my friends are. Everybody of my Tumblr using friends are updating it automatically through other services (Instagram/Blogs/Foursquare etc) = Tumblr is almost dead in Sweden. However, I've been talking to a friend from England: she didn't believe me when I said I almost never uses it. It seems like it's really popular in United Kingdom.
+André Persson The population in Sweden is 9 million people. According to Facebook Ads, the last 30 days: 4,334,900 of them have been Online on Facebook.
Getting quoted in the Washington Post is pretty cool Anton, congrats! What do you think about G+'s 18 years on up age requirement? You're about 18-19 years old, aren't you? If you were 17, you'd be annoyed with Google+ right now! (I think it's inevitable that the age limit will be removed soon)
+Linda Jacobsson :)
+Michael Jackson Thanks, I'm really honored! In fact, this age limit made my post above incorrect; The world wide party of G+ isn't opened for everybody yet. However, ATM I'm glad because of that; only adults ATM makes this platform much more valuable: the shared content is in regular very, very interesting, even the conversations (for example this one).

If influencing adults starts to feel very comfortable at G+ (without any annoying children) that will probably be enough in future to make them stay at G+, even when the kidz arrives (just my perspective, not facts)
About Facebook makeover - is of course launched as a direct well-planned riposte to G+ going public. To divert attention, which they are definitely doing. But my thought is that Facebook is forcing a little to much complexity on users. Just imagine the average Facebook user trying to figure out why and how some periferal former work acquantance seems to want you to update your profile with a company that you worked at 12 years ago...? I don't think it is very likely that people will figure it out, which will cause a lot of strain on relationships. On the other hand - powerful tools and strong moves like that are probably necessary for long term survival. You have to create new early adopters, and new Moore's gaps, to get new hockey sticks and avoid or postpone stagnation. Even if it is extremely costly.
I agree w/you Matteus. Facebook's response, implementing their plan early, shows that they are responsive. How the users deal with the changes is another matter. Now Facebook's at a critical juncture, what marketers call the Control stage, the difficult step of measuring results, diagnosing the results, and taking corrective action. Extremely costly, risky, but ultimately necessary for them to retain and grow their user base. Facebook's in "All Hands on Deck" mode. My early take: forcing too much complexity on the user base is going to frustrate the users to the point of causing some of them to migrate to Google+...Derek Johnson (@TheDerekJohnson of Tatango fame) tweeted the other day: "I'm calling it, the minute a new social network that is smaller, easier to use comes out, Facebook is done." I agree. That's what these changes are about. Innovate or get left behind in the marketplace. We all benefit in the end.
+Michael Jackson +Matteus Åkesson I agree. What Facebook is doing seems to be very complexed. However, I still perceive it as more innovated, fresh and perhaps a good move. I don't assume Facebook is doing anything wrong (however I also have a Big Trust in them). Why? Because each time Facebook has been updated, people have hated it. And then they will love it so much that they will moan and almost cry out that they miss this version once this version will be updated. Always the same. I bet, these updates will be great for Facebook; However, once again, I have a very big trust in Facebook.

Then I also think.... It's now 800 million Facebook users. This numbers are still growing a lot. What's interesting is: for New users, I think The New Facebook is the same user friendly as it was before these updates (probably even more user friendly). And old users: most of them will stay and learn because of all the life invested Facebook time they've spent and because of everybody still are on Facebook. This is the social media revolution going on, we just have to accept it. We will learn the New Facebook and if this will succeed, I'm sure, Google+ will have at least a little bit harder time attracting new members, because most of the Facebook people already had a bit hard time figuring out the new innovated Facebook features: That can prevent the G+ hype. Does it make sense Now?

Btw, I wrote more about the SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION yesterday:
Another thing to consider is that while Facebook and Google+ are in competition, for the users, we don't need to choose one social media platform over another. Facebook's increased complexity and potential for defection to G+ aside, we should continue to use both. Some people monitoring their Klout scores (I'm looking at you, Anton ;) could see a steep drop in their score if they opted for one over the other. +Cory Doctorow's idea of social currency, which he coined "Whuffie" in his book "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom," is coming to pass. I recommend the book, it's interesting reading. Free download under a Creative Commons license here (DRM free):
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