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❤️ This! 
Problem is in Your Head
Every kind of issue starts in people's heads. Either one is not prepared properly to the challenges in front of him or her, or he or she is neglecting the basic daily duties or some other sort of obligations, due to the laziness or the shortage of time. 

Same applies for the constant need for food. Something is wrong and you just need to find out what. But, it will be much easier and effective if you start solving your issues in a good shape and with the proper body weight. 

The great analogy is a debt solving process, related to the outstanding bills you have. Many have outstanding bills or invoices to pay which are overdue for some time now. Now, logic tells you to pay the largest bill you have so you have less to pay later, right?

As it is logical it’s, on the other hand, psychologically unproductive and not effective at all in the long run. 

Why is that? 

You will pay the largest bill you have and make a short positive impact on your state of mind but the fact is: you don’t have any more money; so you might end up hungry this month. Few moments later you start to knock your head against the wall because of a new problem you have. 

And like that’s not enough by itself, you can’t afford to pay not even one more bill, no matter how small it is. And the moment has passed.

Basically you didn’t do anything! You are left with the pile of the bills to pay a.s.a.p. and left the bank with an empty wallet.

By doing things “illogical” and paying the cheapest bill, or maybe even few of them, you start to develop a positive picture in your head. You actually started to deal with the problem and still have some money.
It doesn’t actually matter that you didn’t make any notifying progress – you still have at least the illusion that you can solve your debt situation because, if needed, you can quickly pay another bill and feel “liquid”. 

That fact alone will have a great positive impact on your psychological state and will last longer, making you more efficient. 

The point is simple: when you develop a positive mindset; you can achieve almost everything. And in a situation where overweight is one of the many problems you have, it is, in the same time, actually the easiest one to solve.

By dealing with you eating disorder first, you will start the snowball momentum and bit by bit solve the entire situation which led to your excessive body mass. 

So set your mind to that. Set your mind to the option which will help you. You will get you to move and do something about yourself. Don't expect others to do that. As it was and will be stated more often, in most cases, others will revel in your misery, trying to deal with their own complexes. 

So finger to them and thumbs up for YOU.

Remember, you will not stop eating at all. You will merely rearrange your eating habits. It might become as a trouble at first, but be STRONG - you are helping yourself to feel good again. And along the way you will fix one issue – overeating

You will kill two flies with one stroke. You will solve one issue, and by solving it you will make things easier for yourself to resolve some other possible problems you are experiencing.

Most important thing – set your mindset to YOU instead to everybody else. It’s time to forget about the others, or at least to keep them on the secondary level and to start getting yourself on a primary position of your life. That way you will be more "operative" and efficient in the future.

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No one has the Steps to Success.
No one has the Blitz Card.
No one has our compensation plan.
No one has our leadership.
No one has the ability to earn cash, earn residual income and earn bonuses like we do.
No other company is marching as focused and steadily to one billion.
No one has the Ultimate Body Applicator.
No one has the buzz around their product like we do.

Other companies may have one or two or maybe three of these but no one has them all.
Do not look left, do not look right. Look straight ahead, you are on the right road with the right company with the right product at the right time.


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Can't wait to try this one! 

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