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Cloud Hosting has a new address.
Cloud Hosting has a new address.

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This week we added support for SSH Keys during our provisioning process. Authenticating with a keypair is more secure than a password, but did you know it can also be more convenient?  

Our latest tutorial explains how to create a keypair with PuTTY, add it to your Binary Lane server, and finally how to actually authenticate with  your private key: 

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Ready to move to git? Our GitLab in-a-box image will have your fully-configured GitLab server ready in 30 seconds: 

GitLab is a great piece of software, but installing it manually is not for the feint-of-heart - just check out the looong installation guide ( ).

Our image has all the required components pre-installed and will even configure the hostname appropriately during provisioning, reducing what could have been an hour long process down to a few clicks.

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Binary Lane's API is an implementation of the OpenStack Compute API standard, using the ServiceStack.NET library to wire JSON requests through to our existing management layer. We've created a guide walking through the usage of OpenStack's command-line "nova" client against our endpoint.
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